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A hunter-like robot sent to earth to destroy rebel soldiers.
—In-game description in the Definitive Edition

The Zug 209 is a cheat unit in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The unit has the appearance of a futuristic bipedal robot armed with dual blaster cannons. Unlike most units, the default color scheme is always the same regardless of its ownership by a different player. The unit spawns only at the most recently built Town Center.

Despite its superior stats compared to a standard unit, its stats cannot be upgraded and it is vulnerable to conversion. It is also available in the Scenario Editor (Definitive Edition only).

In Return of Rome, its model was updated along with most other cheat units.


  • The unit's name and appearance is likely to be a reference to the ED-209 of the RoboCop franchise.
  • When it dies, it explodes like fireworks leaving behind only its legs on the ground which will burn eternally. Unlike other units, it will not decompose and disappear off the map; however, building any structure over it will remove its remains. The only other unit that shares this unique feature is the BabyPrez, albeit with a different death animation.
  • Before Return of Rome, the unit had no icon. Since its release, the unit previously had the same icon as the Laser Trooper. With update 95810, they received a unique icon.


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