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Oh, dear soldiers! Please do not harm old Zhi here!
—Zhi's first words after being cornered by Jiao-Long and Shun

Zhi is a protagonist in the Tale of the Dragon campaign in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. Initially, he works under Danzhu's control but is rescued by Jiao-Long and Shun. He functions similarly to a Priest and is crucial for maintaining the health of the player's army.


Zhi can heal allied units at a rate of 7.5 HP per second. He can also regenerate 1.5 HP per second. Zhi cannot be killed: if his HP reaches 1, he merely faints and can be resuscitated if approached by allied units.

Bonuses and Upgrades[]



Zhi first appears as the antagonist Mysterious Monk in the scenario From Below where he is seen performing rituals on Mysterious Holes. After Jiao-Long and Shun stop him, he introduces himself and reveals that the holes belong to Dilong, the Earth Dragon, and he was performing the ritual to summon Dilong for Danzhu. Jiao-Long and Shun then offer Zhi protection against Danzhu, he accepts to join them and then proceeds to summon Dilong for them instead. Zhi afterwards follows Jiao-Long throughout the remainder of his journey to restore Yin and Yang.


Age -- 62
Homeland -- Fujian Province
Occupation -- Historian

Zhi, whose name could be literally translated as "wise man", is a well-travelled historian originally from the East, but currently residing in the temple in the West. He chooses to live in seclusion and devotes his time to writing and studying ancient mythology.
—In-game mythology section


  • Zhi and Jiao-Long are the only characters in Tale of the Dragon that are not based on historical or mythological Chinese characters.
  • Zhi has the same stat distribution as Setna except that Zhi cannot attack enemy units.


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