Zethos is a minor character in Age of Mythology, and is an Atlantean commander under Arkantos.

Information[edit | edit source]

Zethos serves as a Hoplite in the Atlantean Army during that nation's waning hours, serving as a loyal lieutenant to the famed admiral Arkantos. He played a small part in the early efforts of Arkantos to uncover the conspiracy against Atlantis -- one ultimately orchestrated by Gargarensis and sponsored by Kronos, a Titan.

He also participated in the final battle on Greek soil against Kamos, a Minotaur who had served as Arkantos' rival for some time prior. The man-beast was later slain in Egypt. It is possible that Zethos survived this campaign, staying behind in Atlantis after his commander's eventual travels through Egypt and the Norselands, and eventually being evacuated during the sinking of Atlantis.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Zethos is only name-dropped once, in the Omens' ending cutscene. It is possible that he was planned to have a larger appearance, but was ultimately cut.
  • Zethos may have been cut as a unit and character due to the knock-on effect that the release of Warcraft III had on Age of Mythology. A character in that game (originally unnamed, later known as Captain Falric) bears many resemblances to that of Zethos; both serve as loyal second-in-command to a main protagonist of their respective games. Cut lines from the script further display this similarity. It is also possible that Zethos was cut due to contract issues, script changes of another sort, his relative unimportance to the plot, or the presence of too many named characters confusing players.
  • Zethos appears as a Scenario Editor-only Hoplite hero in the Expanded Mod. He has the ability to regenerate, and can be revived instead of dying.
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