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Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra (Queen Zenobia in the original) is the fourth scenario of the Imperium Romanum campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The Romans must defeat the Palmyrans of Queen Zenobia.

Scenario instructions[]


Rome is near its maximum in territory but the empire is beset on many sides. The Alemanni tribe has crossed over into Italy and must be driven out. The Goths have invaded the Balkans. The Palmyrans, once trusted allies, have rebelled and taken most of our eastern provinces under their control. Defeat the northern frontiers of the empire while destroying the Palmyrans and restoring the East.
—In-game section

Starting conditions[]


  • Destroy the Palmyrans (red) while not losing any of the three Town Centers that begin play on the map.*

*There is a bug which causes the player to lose if they lose a Town Center, even if it wasn't one of the original three.


  • Each of your Town Centers could come under attack at any time. Be prepared to establish a strong defense around each one.
  • Finding the weak link in your enemies' forces will slow their attacks considerably.



  • Player (Romans): The player starts with a base and some Villagers in the south of the western landmass, at the south-western edge of the map. The other two Town Centers are located on the center landmass, unprotected.


  • Queen Zenobia (Palmyrans): Queen Zenobia's base is located on the eastern landmass and corner of the map and controls plenty resources.
  • Goths (Palmyrans): The Goths start in the western corner of the map, next to the player's main base.
  • Alemanni (Palmyrans): The Alemanni start in the northern corner of the map with a small base and threaten the player's Town Centers on the middle landmass.


Only the first enemy must be destroyed to complete the scenario. While it's quicker to go for the red base, it's more risky if your attack fails, so taking out the two other teams first is safer.

Build up military buildings on both your islands. All three enemies rely on archers, so use Cavalry - or, if you find yourself low on gold, Scythe Chariots will do. Those forces, and some Catapults to deal with buildings, is all you're going to need.

Queen Zenobia has quite a few Priests, so use Scythe Chariots to take them out, and level their Temple. Then destroy everything else as their defenses will be relatively weak with the economy gassed.



Historical notes[]

Zenobia was the wife of Odaenathus, Prince of Palmyra. She accompanied and assisted her husband on his campaigns. After a successful campaign in Asia Minor against Goths raiding there, Odaenathus was murdered in 266 AD and succeeded by his son. The real power in Palmyra, however, was Queen Zenobia.

A Roman army sent east was defeated by the Palmyrans in 267 AD and Queen Zenobia moved south to conquer the key province of Egypt. By 271 AD she ruled most of the ex-Roman provinces of the East, including Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia, and Asia Minor. Emperor Aurelian marched east and defeated the Palmyrans twice. Queen Zenobia withdrew to her capital, which was besieged by the Romans. Palmyra surrendered eventually but revolted shortly thereafter and massacred the Roman garrison left behind. Aurelian returned promptly, sacked Palmyra, and took Zenobia back to Rome where she was led through the streets in chains. The Palmyrans ceased thereafter to be a factor in eastern affairs.
—In-game section


In the best tradition of martial emperors, you have restored the empire and saved it from ruin. The Senate and the people hail your complete victory over the Palmyrans. The borders to the north have been restored. Romans can sleep easy tonight knowing we have another 150 years to go instead of 150 minutes.
—In-game section


Following your failure to hold the empire's borders, we fear all is lost. The East is certainly gone. You have allowed Rome to be beaten by Palmyra, a town not even shown on most maps! Those are German tribesmen knocking on the doors of Rome right now, not olive oil salesmen.
—In-game section