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Zenobia's Tower is a Tower in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome, found only in the Scenario Editor and Campaign mode of the game. Apart from the Mirror Tower, it is the only Hero that is immobile. The tower looks similar to the Ballista Tower and fires the same projectile but has doubled attack and fire rate. As a result, its overall damage per minute is equivalent to an immobile Helepolis. This defensive structure starts out with 1000 hit points (the most in the game), 40 attack and 10 range. Only the hit points of this structure can be improved. If Architecture is researched, the hit points would increase from 1000 to 1200, making it virtually the most durable unit in the game. Like all towers, Zenobia's Tower is more resistant against stone throwing siege weapons unlike other buildings, having 18 additional siege armor against them after accounting for building armor. Against Armored Elephants, Zenobia's Tower have 16 extra armor.


  • If placed on top of a cliff or elevation, the attack increases from 40 to 60.
  • Civilization bonuses that would have otherwise affect traditional towers have no influence on this particular tower. As a result:
    • Hit points do not double if played as the Babylonians.
    • Tower range does not increase by 2 points if played as the Choson.
    • Tower cost does not decrease by half if played as the Romans.
  • Range cannot be upgraded by Woodworking technologies in the Market.
  • This is the repair cost, not build cost. The repair cost of a building is usually half of the build cost. That is, it would cost 150 stone if one would be able to build a Zenobia's Tower.
  • History[]

    This tower is based on Queen Zenobia who once controlled the powerful Palmyran Empire during the 3rd century AD. She is known for her revolt against the Roman Empire and is claimed to be the descendant of Dido, Queen of Carthage and Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian Pharaoh.



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