"The gods have abandoned us! We'd have been better off sinking with Atlantis than coming here. We must move."
Zeno imploring Krios to leave the Tundra

Zeno is a minor character appearing in the scenarios A Lost People, and Atlantis Reborn of The New Atlantis campaign in Age of Mythology: The Titans. He's a whiny and pessimistic Atlantean Arcus with a history of getting people worked up.

In the scenario A Lost People, Zeno is controllable by the player and appears as a generic non-hero Arcus. In the scenario Atlantis Reborn, despite being possibly killed in the previous scenario, he appears once again (as Atlantean Soldier), praising Krios for being favored.

It may also be possible that Zeno appears on the opening cut scene of the scenario Odin's Tower as one of the Arcae who comments that Kastor's idea on attacking the Norselands is excellent, as the Norse are not expecting an attack on their homeland at the time. He has a nearly identical voice with Zeno from A Lost People. However, this was not confirmed.

Trivia Edit

  • Zeno shares his name with the Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea, famous for his paradoxes.
  • Just like Zethos, he's only name-dropped once, in a cinematic of the first scenario of his respective campaign.


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