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Mercenary Rider of the Berber Zenata armed with a shield and javelins. Good against cavalry and artillery.
—In-game description

The Zenata Rider is a cavalry unit in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals.


The African Royals[]

  • Originally, Zenata Riders cost 220 coin and had 20% ranged resistance. With update 43871, Zenata Riders cost 250 coin and have 25% ranged resistance.

In-game dialogue[]

The Zenata Rider speaks Kabyle/Taqbaylit using dialogue files of the Berbers, specifically those of the Berber Camel Rider.


  • The Zenata Rider uses an Adarga, an apple-shaped leather shield originally from Fes, Morocco that was used by light cavalry in Muslim Spain before it was adopted by the Christians. This same shield is used by the Spanish Lancer, and is the civilization icon of the Berbers in Age of Empires II (it is also used by a Berber unique unit, the Genitour, which is very similar to the Zenata Rider). The Adarga's unusual shape was designed to deflect arrows and javelins more than stop them.
    • The painted symbol on the shield is a Yaz (ⵣ), which symbolizes the "free man" (Amazigh in Berber), and is in turn the name Berbers give to themselves in their own language.
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