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Zama is the fifth scenario of the Rise of Rome campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The Romans take the fight to the Carthaginians for a final siege. It was replaced in the Definitive Edition by The Battle of Zama.

Scenario instructions[]


202 BC

Rather than risk another staggering loss in Italy itself that might leave Rome at Hannibal's mercy, your army has been sent to North Africa to threaten Carthage itself. This strategy has worked brilliantly because Hannibal has withdrawn from Italy. Defeat Hannibal and Carthage to bring this long, destructive war to a conclusion.
—In-game section

Starting conditions[]


  • Win by any means, including building a Wonder.


  • Use the terrain to your advantage.
  • Explore the map to find the weakest point in the Carthaginian defenses.



  • Player (Romans AoE Romans): The player starts with an unfortified Iron Age base and a large army in the southern corner of the map.


  • Hannibal (Carthaginians AoE Carthaginians): Hannibal starts with a fortified Post-Iron Age and large army in the northern corner of the map.


The player starts off in the Iron Age with a few buildings and a small army of Heavy Cavalry, Long Swordsmen, Composite Bowmen, Stone Throwers, and Priests. Hannibal (Carthaginians, red) has a heavily defended city to the north. Start gathering resources when sending the army north for the first attack.

Most of the enemy's troop-producing buildings are found in the eastern part of his town, so break through the wall and start destroying them. Any enemy siege units should be charged by the cavalry, and convert any War Elephants that come too close. If the player can destroy most of their buildings with the initial force, the scenario will be easy. When their city has been dealt with, the player can either hunt down the last survivors, or build a Wonder.

Another way to win is to create as many Villagers as possible, send them to gather wood, then stone, and then gold to build the Wonder. Note that Hannibal will start to build a Wonder quickly and the player needs to act fast.


Historical notes[]

Scipio landed in North Africa and invaded the coastal town of Utica. Two Carthaginian armies sent out to meet him were defeated. In desperation, Carthage recalled Hannibal, who returned to his homeland from Italy with a small core of veterans from his Italian campaigns. In 202 BC, the Roman and Carthaginian armies of roughly equal size met at Zama, southwest of Carthage. The Romans were triumphant, despite the presence of a large contingent of Carthaginian elephants. Handicapped with many low-quality troops and minimal cavalry, Hannibal escaped the field and the Carthaginians made peace. Carthaginian power was broken forever, and the Romans ere established as the single superpower of the Western Mediterranean. Carthage was severely restricted by the terms of the peace with Rome, but was able to prosper economically through trade. When war threatened to break out between Carthage and Numidia, an ally of Rome, the Romans placed even greater restrictions on their old enemies. The Carthaginians resisted these demands and war broke out once more. The Third Punic War lasted only three years. Ninety percent of Carthage's population died of starvation, disease and battle before the city was taken in 146 BC. The survivors were sold into slavery. A symbolic furrow was plowed in the city ruins and sown with salt, signifying the utter destruction of the city and its civilization.
—In-game section


The name Scipio has been appended with the name Africanus to mark your great victory at Zama over the Carthaginians. All of Rome salutes you. The Western Mediterranean has been largely secured through the efforts of you and your army. Rome can now turn its attention to the north and east.
—In-game section


Your defeat at the great battle of Zama is a huge disappointment to Rome. We were so close to eliminating the Carthaginians as a power. Now they are rejuvenated and more dangerous than ever. You have lost our best army and it will be years before we can field another of the same quality. The leaders of Rome require that you report to Catapult Unit XIV where you will be given another pportunity[sic] to have an impact on the Carthaginians.
—In-game section
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