Zama is the fifth scenario of the Rise of Rome campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The Romans take the fight to the Carthaginians for a final siege. It was replaced in the Definitive Edition by The Battle of Zama.

Scenario instructions Edit

Rather than risk another staggering loss in Italy itself that might leave Rome at Hannibal's mercy, your army has been sent to North Africa to threaten Carthage itself. This strategy has worked brilliantly because Hannibal has withdrawn from Italy. Defeat Hannibal and Carthage to bring this long, destructive war to a conclusion.

Objective Edit

  • Win by any means, including building a Wonder.

Strategy Edit

The player starts off in the Iron Age with a few buildings and a small army of Heavy Cavalry, Long Swordsmen, Composite Bowmen, Stone Throwers, and Priests. Hannibal (Carthaginians, red) has a heavily defended city to the north. Start gathering resources when sending the army north for the first attack.

Most of the enemy's troop-producing buildings are found in the eastern part of his town, so break through the wall and start destroying them. Any enemy siege units should be charged by the cavalry, and convert any War Elephants that come too close. If the player can destroy most of their buildings with the initial force, the scenario will be easy. When their city has been dealt with, the player can either hunt down the last survivors, or build a Wonder.

Another way to win is to create as many Villagers as possible, send them to gather wood, then stone, and then gold to build the Wonder. Note that Hannibal will start to build a Wonder quickly and the player needs to act fast.