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The Yurt is an unconstructable building in Age of Empires II. Like Houses, Yurts provide five population. They cannot be built in normal gameplay, however, they are available in the Scenario Editor and can be found in some campaigns.

Some technology upgrades apply to Yurts, as they serve the same function as Houses.

Campaign appearances[]

Yurts are clearly intended to create a nomadic atmosphere, thus their main appearances are in camps of Central Asian peoples (Mongols, Turks, Huns, Tatars and Cumans).

Yurts appear in the following campaign scenarios.

Genghis Khan[]


Attila the Hun[]

El Cid[]

  • Reconquista: The Black Guard forces have several Yurts in their settlements.

Vlad Dracula[]

Battles of the Conquerors[]

Battles of the Forgotten[]

Appearance outside campaigns[]

The Forgotten introduces the Steppe, a map similar to Nomad but without water, where players begin without a Town Center and scout unit and three extra Villagers. They also begin the game with three Yurts.


  • In the "Tales of Middle-Earth" mod, the first Age model for the Town Hall is identical to the large Yurt model.
  • For some reason there are Yurts in Dos Pilas scenario.


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