Yucatán is the peninsula in southern Mexico which juts out into the sea, separating the Caribbean from the Gulf of Mexico. It is the home of many civilizations, most notably the Mayans, and it was conquered by the Aztecs after they built their capital Tenochtitlan.

It features as a map in both Age of Empires II: The Conquerors and Age of Empires III.

Age of Empires II Edit

Yucatan - AoEII

In Age of Empires II, Yucatán was introduced as a random map that features plenty of food resources, more huntable animals near the Town Center, more Berry Bushes and more herdables and also large jungle forests.

Yucatan allows for massive fights due to its unusually rich resource deposits. It often ends in a big battle between two strong Imperial Age civilizations such as the Spanish or Byzantines, in which superior (and costly) units coupled with massive assaults make or break games.

Age of Empires III Edit

Yucatan - AoEIII

In Age of Empires III, it is a random map type, with a strip of land down the middle and seas on both sides.There will be plentiful Salmon and Whales on both sides of the seas.

It is heavily forested, and there are plenty of Capybaras and Tapirs that roam in the forests.

For every player in the map, there will also be a Maya or Aztec (Zapotec in The WarChiefs) settlement near the player's starting position. Players will usually have trouble building a proper colony due to the massive amount of trees on the map. In free for all matches, this is further hampered with players starting extremely close to each other.

A Trade Route cuts through the middle of the land strip, containing either two or three trade sites.

Yucatan Appearance

History Edit

"The Yucatan peninsula is bordered on the north and west by the Gulf of Mexico and on the east by the Caribbean Sea. The peninsula is a large shelf of land that projects eastward out of the main body of Central America. The entire region is hot, with northern areas drier than the southern areas. Turkeys, jaguars, coatimundis, and tapirs are found among the palms, mangroves, and wide variety of broadleaf vegetation found in the tropical rainforests.

The thick canopy of the tropical forests is broken by the jutting of man-made stone mountains - the ruins of the ancient Maya civilization. One of the most remarkable sites is the city of Chichen Itza, mysteriously abandoned by the Maya around 1400 CE after 1,000 years of settlement and about 100 years before their first encounters with the Spanish. During the spring and fall equinox, at the great pyramid in the middle of Chichen Itza, a shadow appears on the tall steps, appearing like a serpent ascending the stairs. Little is known about why the Maya suddenly abandoned this city.
Note: The peninsula is also featured in Act I: Blood, during The Ottoman Fort, though it bears little similarity to its skirmish counterpart.
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