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Very powerful, but slow training heavy ranged javelin infantry. Attacks closer targets faster. Carries a large shield for extra protection against ranged attacks. Good against cavalry.
—In-game description

The Yoruba Oyo Legionary is a heavy infantry native warrior in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals that can be trained at a Trading Post built on a Yoruba settlement.



Age Upgrade Cost Effect
Age III tech tree aoe3.png
Native Warrior Societies.png Yoruba Warrior Societies 150 wood,
100 coin
Upgrades Yoruba Oyo Legionaries and Eso Riders to Elite (+25% hit points and attack)
Age IV tech tree aoe 3.png
Champion Natives.png Champion Yoruba 400 wood,
300 coin
Upgrades Yoruba Oyo Legionaries and Eso Riders to Champion (+35% hit points and attack); requires Yoruba Warrior Societies
Imperial Age
Legendary natives.png Legendary Native Warriors
Exalted natives.png Exalted Natives
1,500 food,
1,500 wood
Upgrades native warriors to Legendary/Exalted (+50% hit points and attack)
The Legendary Native Warriors improvement is available in the Capitol for European civilizations, the State Capitol for the United States, and the Town Center for Native American and Asian civilizations (as Exalted Natives).

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  • The mask worn by the Oyo Legionary is based on this gelede mask (the red one).


Oyo infantry were among the most organized and formidable fighting forces on the African continent during the early modern period. Reminiscent to their counterparts in Imperial Rome over a millennium prior, they were issued standardized equipment: a shield, an ida sword, and javelins. Oyo infantry sometimes poisoned their blades, lending themselves an extra dimension of power and danger on the battlefield.

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