The Yojimbo is a Cavalry archer mercenary available from the Stable and Monastery with the Japanese atonement card. Yojimbo is an improved Cavalry Archer combined with a Samurai with more attack but less range and multipliers.

In fact, Yojimbos are more comparable to heavy cavalry (particularly to Cuirassiers) in some respects, despite being branded as light cavalry.

Overview Edit

At first glance, the Yojimbo might seem as a superior version of the Yabusame, but in reality, it plays more like a highly improved, mercenary version of the Cavalry Archer.

The Yabusame itself is more comparable to a Culverin, as it has a very high bonus versus artillery combined with a good range and strong ranged resistance (50% to be precise).

On the other hand, the Yojimbo is meant to be a shock unit, quickly destroying enemy cavalry and artillery with arrow volleys, and when enemy light cavalry or infantry arrive in the battlefield, going for the kill in melee combat, where they particular excel, as they have great melee armor, combined with a strong attack, but most important of all, area damage.

Not unlike Cuirassiers or other cavalry in Trample Mode, this makes them excellent against masses of weak units, such as Streltsy or Macehualtins.

All in all, Yojimbos are spectacular mercenaries, but by no means should they replace Yabusames, as they are much more expensive, and not as cost effective against Artillery, while larger masses of Light Cavalry may wreak havoc on Yojimbos.

Campaign Edit

In the Japanese campaign, they are featured in the first scenario as woodcutters who were going to be executed for rebelling. When they are freed, they will make a remark about regaining their honor and join your forces.

Shipments Edit

In-game dialogue language (Japanese) Edit

  • Gomerei o? (ご命令を?) ("Your command?")
  • Hai (はい?) ("Yes")
  • Youi! (用意!) ("Ready!")
  • Tadachi ni. 直ちに ('Immediately.')
  • Iza. (いざ) ('Now.')
  • Ōse no tōri (ni). (仰せの通り)(に) ('As you say!' literally, 'In accordance with your will.')
  • Ya! (や) (an interjection)
  • Iza yukan! (いざゆかん) ('Let's go now!')
  • Ikusa ja! (戦じゃ) ('Fight!')

Trivia Edit

  • Like Jat Lancers, they are only available to the civilization which sent the card, the Japanese
  • Yojimbo is the only cavalry archer that have area of effect melee attack.
  • The Yojimbo Rider bears physical resemblance to the fictional character Sanjuro from an early Jidaigeki film called Yojimbo (1961)

History Edit

"A yojimbo is a bodyguard or security warrior often hired from the ranks of wandering ronin, or masterless samurai."

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