Yin and Yang is the ninth and final scenario of the Tale of the Dragon campaign in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. The main objective is to awaken Pangu to restore the balance between Yin and Yang. 

Summary Edit

Jiao-Long and the others reach Pangu's altar at last, but find it besieged by the forces of Chaos and Danzhu's forces. The heroes will have to fight their way to the summit of the altar and awaken Pangu in the face of relentless attacks.  

Objectives Edit

  1. Defeat the forces of evil surrounding the hilltop.
  2. Complete the Titan Gate to summon Pangu.

Players Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Forces of Chaos (Nü Wa) - Has numerous units surrounding Pangu's altar and the ability to spawn armies from the north and northeast areas of the map. 
  • Danzhu's Forces (Shennong) - Begins in the Archaic Age but will advance throughout the level. Has a walled base with many tents and a few human units. Will train primarily human units.
  • Danzhu's Forces (Shennong) - Consists solely of the Wooden Walls surrounding Danzhu's base.  

Strategy Edit

This guide is applied to hard difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty. 

The player begins in the southern corner of the map. Danzhu's forces are based in the eastern corner, while the altar of Pangu is in the north-center. 

Players should begin by training a number of Peasants and building up their economy. There are significant readily available starting resources, and the player should take advantage of these to build and upgrade a sizeable defensive force, with a Castle and Towers along the northern perimeter of their base to defend the vulnerable and non-replaceable Tents. In particular, the player should make sure to construct all ten Gardens fairly quickly, as these will become important later in the scenario. 

Danzhu will attack periodically with primarily human forces. He accompanies the attacks personally, but is fairly weak and easily defeated. Furthermore, because he reincarnates in the same way as Jiao-Long and the other heroes, he will remain on the battlefield and can be quickly re-killed any time he revives, as he will have very low health. The forces of Chaos will attack with primarily myth units.  

The player will soon run low on Gold. The Gardens built earlier can help supplement this while the player trains several Fire Lances or Sitting Tigers and a small attack force. The player should take this attack force east, where Danzhu has set up a lightly-defended mining operation with several Jade Mines available. This site should supply enough Gold for the remainder of the scenario. 

When the player is ready to move out, they should build up a decent attacking force and move east to Danzhu's base. Danzhu will put up a fight, but nothing extravagant. Destroying this base not only removes the threat of his attacks while assaulting the Altar, but also provides access to another Settlement and a large number of farms. 

Once Danzhu is defeated, the player should build a large army with plenty of Vermilion Birds and all eight Immortals and take it north to begin the assault on Pangu's Altar. The altar is arranged in a long spiral, with several shortcuts blocked by rocks. These rocks can be destroyed using the Uproot god powers provided in order to create a rapid reinforcement route, but the player should take their army down the full length of the spiral. At this difficulty, only one cast is provided anyway, so it is better off used to retrieve the three relics hidden away southwest of the player's base.

There are a number of armies and towers along the route, but they should be quickly defeated by the player's Immortals and Vermilion Birds. At the peak of the hill are several Temples and other fortifications, as well as a Town Center. The player should clear out the enemy forces and towers, but leave the Temples for now. 

Once the enemy forces are cleared out, the player should take as many Peasants as possible and construct their own Town Center and fortifications and bolster their army, then destroy the remaining Temples. This will trigger the second goal to dig out Pangu's Altar, which the player should begin immediately will as many Peasants as possible. The Alta will slowly deconstruct if left unattended, so the player must be ready to begin soon.  

The forces of Chaos will attack with a huge variety of myth units from all races. The player can either head these forces off as they approach the Altar, or go on the offensive toward the spawn points at the north and northwest corners of the map. Either way, the player must protect their Peasants until Pangu is free to complete the scenario. 

Additional Tips Edit

  • Vermilion Birds will prove very useful due to their tremendous splash damage, the general lack of powerful enemy anti-air units, and their ability to bypass the many cliffs and obstacles surrounding Pangu's altar.
  • There are two Relics located northwest of Danzhu's base out in the open and three more located southwest of the player's base. The latter are blocked by boulders which players can remove by either casting Uproot or sending units to destroy them.
    • Pixiu are a good option for destroying these boulders as they deal some crush damage and will generate Gold during the entire time they attack.
    • All five Relics are completely randomized. For player's to have the best chance of winning, they can scout the Relics with the Vermilion Birds and restart the scenario until they have a selection that best suits their needs.

Closing Cinematic Edit

As enemy forces threaten to overwhelm them, Jiao-Long asks how much longer until Pangu awakens. Even as he speaks, Pangu arises from his altar and asks who has summoned him. Jiao-Long says that he has, and asks Pangu to restore Yin and Yang. Pangu complies, releasing a tremendous wave of energy that spreads throughout China, washing over many of Jiao-Long's old battlefields and banishing the agents of Chaos. Despite praising Jiao-Long for his work, Danzhu is confronted for his actions and is told not to expect a favourable report once he is returned to the Emperor.  

Trivia Edit

  • Danzhu and Kemsyt are the only resurrecting heroes the player never has an opportunity to control in any of the campaigns.
  • On Steam, completing this scenario will unlock the Ruler of Dragons achievement.