The Year of the Four Emperors is the second scenario of the Imperium Romanum campaign in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, featuring a reworked version of the scenario of the same name in the original game. The player leads the Vespasian's easterns legions into Rome against the governor of Hispania, Galba; the governor of Lusitania, Otto; and the commander of the Germania Inferior, Vitellius.

Scenario instructions[edit | edit source]

Italia, 69 CE

The brutal and likely insane Emperor Nero has died by his own hand, leaving no heir. Reveling in delusions of grandeur, a number of claimants to the throne have cast their lots forward. However, the soldiers under your command, Vespasian, are adamant in their belief that rule of the empire should be yours. Use your eastern legions to seize control of Rome while defending your flanks from the armies of the other usurpers. Place a monument in Rome to mark your ascension to the throne.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Protect your Wonder.
  • Destroy Galba's Wonder.
  • Build a new wonder where Galba's Wonder stood.

Hints[edit | edit source]

  1. Immediately establish a defense around your Wonder. You may need to build a new town around your Wonder.
  2. Build a strong offensive force before you attack the orange Wonder - the enemy will be waiting.
  3. In this scenario, you play as the Palmyran civilization. Familiarize yourself with their technology tree.

Historical outcome[edit | edit source]

Hail Caesar! Your outstanding victories in the field have made you the unquestioned heir to the throne in Rome. The people are tired of civil war and look forward to your enlightened rule. The duties of managing the Roman Empire are vast, and you will find yourself heavily burdened, but your legacy as a restorer of order and an effective administrator will live on for millennia. Fortune beckons you to further glory!
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