Yasama is a technology in Age of Empires II: The Forgotten that is unique to the Japanese and can be researched at the Castle. Once researched, it makes towers fire two extra arrows.

Strategy Edit

Yasama essentially lets Japanese towers act as miniature Castles. As it is available in the Castle Age, it can be used to follow up a tower rush (trush), as these involve flooding the enemy base with towers in the Feudal Age. It is also an excellent defensive technology. Combined with the other Japanese unique technology Kataparuto, which allows Trebuchets to pack and fire faster, it makes for a powerful defensive combination. Trebuchets are already a great defensive tool in the shelter of a Castle, but adding in several towers can make a huge difference. They can even be used without Castles, although it is still significantly less painful (and far faster) to swarm a tower than to swarm a Castle.

Team bonuses Edit

  • A team containing Berbers: With Kasbah researched, researching Yasama is 25% faster.

Changelog Edit

The Forgotten Edit

  • Yasama costs 300F/400W.
  • Yasama gives Towers 3 additional arrows.

The African Kingdoms Edit

  • Yasama now costs 300F/300W.
  • With patch 4.8, Yasama now gives Towers 2 additional arrows.

Trivia Edit

  • As a compound of ya (arrow) + sama (arrowslit), the word is usually written and pronounced as yazama according to the rendaku euphonic rule.

History Edit

Yasama is the name given to arrowslits in Japanese castles. Incidentally, Arrowslits is the name of a separate technology introduced in The African Kingdoms.

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