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The Yamato Civilization are primarily an offensive civilization on both land and water. With their faster villagers, improved ship hit points, and cheaper cavalry, they can easily orchestrate early rushes in short games and can also counterattack early rushes from enemies regardless of the type of terrain, making them advantageous both militarily and economically in early gameplay like their Assyrian counterparts. The power of their bonuses magnifies as the game progresses, peaking at the Tool Age and onward with the construction of their first Dock and Stable. Consequently, it is advised to use the bonus speed of their Villagers as much as possible.


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The Yamato are one of the few civilizations that are effective in both short and long games depending on the type of strategy used and the type of map selected. A defensive strategy is possible from Stone Age to Bronze Age. However, as the Iron Age sets in, their defensive position will slowly decline, making them strictly an offensive civilization from that point onward. This the result of not able to improve their towers beyond the Sentry Tower upgrade.

Like their Minoan and Phoenician counterparts, they can fare well as an open water civilization, albeit with different specialties. For example, compared to the Phoenicians who specialize in post Iron Age naval warfare, the Yamato have access to their naval bonuses much earlier, allowing them to dominate the seas as soon as Scout Ships become available during the Tool Age. Although Yamato Juggernaughts are no match to the faster firing rate of those from the Phoenicians in post Iron Age naval battles, the Yamato navy are more flexible and able to easier adapt to changing conditions as the bonus ship hit points applies to any unit available from the Dock.

On land maps, the Yamato also have a great offensive capability due to their cheaper, fully upgradeable Heavy Horse Archer and Cataphracts. The discount bonus, combine with faster Villager speed often results in a Cavalry rush in the Bronze Age and Heavy Horse Archer raids in the Iron Age.

When controlled by the computer on a random map, Yamato will use Scouts in the Tool Age and Cavalry in the Bronze Age. Upon reaching the Iron Age, they will often add Horse Archers to their army, and occasionally Academy units as well. They may also create Priests in small numbers. Siege Weapons are rarely used. In deathmatches, the computer's entire land army will consist of Cataphracts and Heavy Horse Archers, provided they are in the Iron Age with a sufficient amount of surplus resources.


  • Excellent from Tool Age to Iron Age.
  • Produce the strongest ships in the game.
  • Good choice for early rushes.
  • Can implement hit-and-run attacks.
  • Best if used in short games.
  • Good if used offensively, thanks to their cavalry bonuses.
  • Good on both land and water maps.


  • Not as effective on longer games.
  • Cannot build elite siege units.
  • Not as effective on deathmatches unless there are large extensions of water.
  • Cannot build extensive fortifications.
  • Defensive position declines after Iron Age.
  • Lack most upgrades from the Temple.