"You have advanced to the Mythic Age through the Care of Xi Wangmu."
Age up text in Age of Mythology

Xi Wangmu is a Mythic Age Chinese minor goddess in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. She is available to worshipers of Nü Wa and Shennong.

Attributes Edit

God Power Edit

  • EarthDragonIcon Earth Dragon: Summons a powerful but stationary dragon. This God Power can be reused if the dragon survives a set amount of time.

Technologies Edit

Myth Unit Edit

  • WhiteTigerIcon White Tiger: Strong melee unit that can leap into combat.

Strategy Edit

Unlike the other two Chinese Mythic Age minor gods, Xi Wangmu lacks an economical upgrade and focuses entirely on the offensive. Her Castles are stronger, allowing them to survive longer on the front line. Castle units also train faster, allowing players to overwhelm their enemies with more durable siege weapons, War Chariots and Generals.

Xi Wangmu grants access to White Tigers that can quickly make their way to enemy towns thanks to their high speed. They are especially useful for bypassing walls thanks to their ability to jump over them and their high hit points (which can be increased further through the Tiger Spirit technology) and armor allows them to withstand attacks from enemy fortifications while dealing massive damage. The same can be said for Xi Wangmu's God Power unit the Earth Dragon, which is most effective when used offensively as it is stationary and cannot chase after enemies. Its large amount of Hit Points, combined with the fact that it can be summoned up to three times, make it capable of effectively destroying up to three enemy towns when placed next to important buildings, such as Town Centers, and allow it to survive while the opponent crumbles.


“The Queen Mother of the West… No one knows her beginning, and no one knows her end.” – Zhuangzi, 4th C. BC

Xi Wang Mu is a goddess of great power and one of the oldest in existence. She lives on Mount Kunlun, and is matriarch of the West. She has a counterpart, the Queen Mother of the East, and both are attested in Shang oracle bones from the 15th C. BC onwards.

She once guarded a vial of the elixir of life, which she granted to Houyi the Archer after his banishment so that he and his wife Chang’e might live forever in peace. Sadly, Chang’e drank all of the elixir and ascended to the Moon, leaving Houyi behind on Earth.

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