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Wootz Steel is a technology in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Dynasties of India that is unique to the Dravidians and can be researched at the Castle once the Imperial Age is reached. Once researched, the attacks of their infantry and cavalry ignore armor.


Wootz Steel makes Dravidian infantry and cavalry perform like the Leitis, whose attack ignores armor. This gives Dravidian infantry and cavalry a huge advantage against high-melee-armored units such as Teutonic Knights and Boyars. The Dravidians have the least varied Stable, as the one Stable technology they have is the Light Cavalry upgrade. But with all technologies researched, their Battle Elephants have 16 attack, and regeneration through Medical Corps.

Also, with this technology, they will have big advantages in trash wars. The enemies are likely to research armor upgrades, which are useless due to Wootz Steel, even though the Dravidians have one of the worst Light Cavalry.


Wootz steel, also known as Seric steel, is a crucible steel characterized by a pattern of bands and high carbon content. It was a pioneering steel alloy developed in India in the mid-1st millennium BC and exported globally.

Trade between South India and Sri Lankan with the Arab world through the Arabian Sea introduced Wootz Steel to Arabia. The term Muhannad or Hendeyy in pre-Islamic and early Islamic Arabic refers to sword blades made from Indian steel, which were highly prized, and are attested in Arabic poetry. Further trade spread the technology to the city of Damascus, where an industry developed for making weapons of this steel. This led to the development of Damascus steel. The 12th century Arab traveler Edrisi mentioned the "Hinduwani" or Indian steel as the best in the world.