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Woodworking is a technology in Age of Empires that can be researched at the Market once the Tool Age is reached. Once researched, it adds +1 missile range to archers, towers, and the Scout Ship line, and makes woodcutters work 20% faster and carry +2 wood.

Woodworking is an important technology for every civilization reliant on archers or navy as it not only increases their range, but also aids the woodcutting abilities, which is necessary to amass large amounts of archers or ships.

Civilization bonuses[]


The small stone blades that characterized the New Stone Age (neolithic period) made possible finer techniques in many areas, including woodworking.  The larger and more unweildy stone tools of the past were capable of crude cutting and carving only.  Better woodworking improved other tools and weapons, making possible the bow and arrow and spear thrower.
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