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Wood is an important resource used throughout the Age of Empires series, including Age of Mythology. It is most often required for buildings or training ranged units and is usually acquired by felling trees.

Methods to obtain wood Edit

Wood can be collected by a few methods which are all listed below.

Forestry Edit

Trees are abundant on almost every map found in the game, including arid ones. Major forests can easily be located and cut down, both supplying wood for new buildings and clearing land to build on.

Market Edit

Gold can be traded for wood at the Market. The more wood a player buys, the more expensive it gets. In Age of Empires and Age of Empires III, the Market also contains essential upgrades that can increase the speed of wood collecting from chopping down trees.

Resource-generating buildings Edit

Throughout the series, a few buildings are featured that steadily generate wood. They are listed below.

Trade Route Edit

In Age of Empires III, building Trading Posts is another way to obtain wood. Some units of a chosen resource are produced for free each time a Coach or Train makes a full loop around a Trade Route (the amount depends on the length of the Trade Route), and the player can choose to make that resource wood.

Home City shipments Edit

Age of Empires III also offers the option of Home City shipments as a means to get extra wood. Once selected, wood arrives in the form of cords to the shipment point which by default is a Town Center. Villagers must work on them to unpack the shipments. All shipments that provide wood are listed in the following table.

Shipment Age Effect HC level

Infinite wood 300 Wood

Ages discovery Ships 300 wood
-Can be sent Infinite times
Wood cords 600 Wood Ages colonial Ships 600 wood
-Germans also ship 2 Uhlans
Wood cords 700 Wood Ages colonial Ships 700 wood
-Germans also ship 2 Uhlans
Wood cords 1000 Wood Ages fortress Ships 1,000 wood
-Germans also ship 3 Uhlans
Wood cords 1600 Wood Ages industrial Ships 1,600 wood
-Not available to the Germans, Ottomans, British, and Spanish
1000 brazilwood TEAM 1000 Brazilwood Ages industrial Ships 1,000 wood
-Portuguese only
-Allies also get 1,000 wood
Silk road TEAM Silk Road Ages colonial Cords contain 30 more from now on.
-Ottomans only
-Also affects wood shipments of allies

Cheats to obtain wood Edit

  • Age of Empires: woodstock +1,000 wood
  • Age of Empires II: lumberjack +10,000 wood
  • Age of Mythology: TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE +1,000 wood
  • Age of Empires III: <censored> +10,000 wood
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