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This article is about the building in Age of Empires III. For the similar building in other games of the series, see Wonder.

Japanese wonder Torii Gates

Chinese wonders

In contrast to previous titles, Wonders do not feature in Age of Empires III and The WarChiefs, but return in The Asian Dynasties as buildings exclusive to the Asian civilizations. The Chinese, Indians, and Japanese build Wonders to advance in Age. Each of the five Wonders for each civilization provides unique functions and bonuses, special abilities, or shipments.

As each Wonder can only be built once in a game, their shipments vary depending on the Age advanced, like the Tribal Council in The WarChiefs; the later the Age the Wonder is built, the better the shipment bonus provided. The cost to build a Wonder corresponds to how much the player pays to advance to the next Age. If a Wonder is destroyed while it is being built, the resources spent are refunded. The maximum number of builders for all Wonders is 8.

All Wonders have 5,000 hit points and are affected by technologies that benefit structures. The Agra Fort also counts as a defensive structure and is boosted by defense-related technologies.

Building time[]

Without any Villager building the Wonder, it takes 2 minutes (120 seconds) to go to the next age, except for the Fortress Age, which takes 2 minutes and 25 seconds (145 seconds). Each additional Villager tasked with building the Wonder will take some time off. The first 4 Villager will take off 10 seconds each, and the last 4 will take off 5 seconds each. For example, going from the Exploration Age to the Commerce Age with 8 Villagers building the Wonder will take


List of Wonders[]

Wonder Shipment Bonuses
Confucian academy choice aoe3de.png
Confucian Academy
Chu Ko Nu / Arquebusiers Automatically train Flying Crows
Porcelain tower choice aoe3de.png
Porcelain Tower
- Automatically generates resources
Summer palace choice aoe3de.png
Summer Palace
Food Automatically spawns War Academy banner armies
Temple of heaven choice aoe3de.png
Temple of Heaven
Villagers Allows Shaolin Master to heal injured units
Transcendence (heals all of the owner's units)
White pagoda choice aoe3de.png
White Pagoda
Disciples Sacred Vault (increases Shaolin Master and Disciple hit points and attack, and the latter's train limit)

Wonder Shipment Bonuses
Agra fort choice aoe3de.png
Agra Fort
Sepoys / Gurkhas Acts as if it was a Fort
Charminar gate choice aoe3de.png
Charminar Gate
Sowars / Mahout Lancers Train Mansabdar units which enhances units of the same type
Karni mata choice aoe3de.png
Karni Mata
Food, wood, and coin Keepers of the Rats (increases nearby villagers' gather rate)
Taj mahal choice aoe3de.png
Taj Mahal
Coin Cease Fire (temporarily stops all units from attacking)
Tower of victory choice aoe3de.png
Tower of Victory
Wood Inspiration (temporarily increases the hit points, attack, and speed of the owner's units)

Wonder Shipment Bonuses
Golden pavillion choice aoe3de.png
Golden Pavilion
Yumi Archers Boosts one particular stats of the owner's land military units
Has advanced Arsenal technologies
Great buddha choice aoe3de.png
Great Buddha
Naginata Riders and 1 Orchard Rickshaw Informers (temporarily see all enemies' LOS)
Shogunate choice aoe3de.png
XP (and Daimyo from Fortress Age onwards) Country in Chains (reduces the cost and train time of land military units)
Retrains Daimyo
Torii gates choice aoe3de.png
Torii Gates
Samurai (and Military Rickshaw) Kami Worship (increases XP acquisition rate)
Toshogu shrine choice aoe3de.png
Toshogu Shrine
Export Acts as if it was two Shrines
Tomb of Ieyasu (increases the resource generation rate of all Shrines)

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