This article is about the building in Age of Empires. For the similar building in other games of the series, see Wonder.
The Wonder is a massive structure that can be built in the Iron Age in Age of Empires. It greatly increases the player's score, and is a victory condition in Random Map games. It has a very high amount of hit points, yet no attack, and it takes a very long time to build and repair. If it is constructed and stands for two thousand years, the player will automatically win the game. Wonders require 1000 wood, 1000 stone, and 1000 gold to build. As such, it is highly recommended that the Wonder be built as far away as possible from the enemies near the heart of the player's city, as they will mount a relentless assault on it until it is brought down. Wonders are among one of the few buildings that cannot be converted by Priests. If a player's Wonder is destroyed, the player does not lose the game, although the player does not receive any resources back. The wonder represents the prestige of a player's empire.

Variations Edit

In Age of Empires and The Rise of Rome, the appearances of a Wonder is determined by which cultural group its civilization belong to, resulting in five different possible variations of the structure, depending on the civilization's architectural style.

Trivia Edit

  • The Asian Wonder, the Temple of Heaven, is anachronistic for the time period, as it was built in the Middle Ages.

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