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Winsett's Z is a cheat unit in Age of Empires. It consists of a fast sports car mounted by a person armed with a rocket launcher. The unit spawns only at the most recently built Town Center. It does not deal siege damage to buildings, but has a larger Area of Effect than the best siege weaponry, and its high damage is enough to one-hit-kill almost every target. It is also the fastest unit in the game. Since Winsett's Z does not belong to any particular category, its stats cannot be upgraded. Despite its superior stats making it incredibly hard to destroy, use it with caution, as it is vulnerable to conversion if it is left unsupervised.


  • The in-game stats reveal that it deals 300 damage per hit, but it actually does 600 damage. With these stats, it can even demolish a House or a Watch Tower in one strike (600/5 = 120 damage to buildings).
  • Winsett's Z can one-hit-kill all moving targets with the exception of certain units and heroes with specific civilization bonuses. These include Carthaginian elephant units, Carthaginian Hero Hannibal, and Yamato Cleopatra's Barge.
  • Winsett's Z deals Area of Effect damage twice as large as a Heavy Catapult.
  • If placed at a higher elevation or cliff, the damage dealt per hit can be as high as 900, the most attack done by any unit in the game (tied with the Nuke Troopers).




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