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Warning: You are being attacked by wild animals!!!
Age of Empires II notification

A wolf, one of the most common wild animals to come across.

Wild animals are creatures in Age of Empires II that are placed randomly around the map and do not belong to any player faction. They come in many varieties (see below) depending on the chosen map, though all wild animals have 25 HP regardless of species.

Almost all wild animals that occur in random map games (those being all except the Dire and Rabid Wolves) are identical in almost all aspects (HP, Attack, Speed and LOS), an exception being the Bear, whose Line of sight spans 10 instead of 12 tiles.

They are hostile to most units, especially Villagers, who can usually be killed very easily by them in the early game if they land the first hit. Magyar Villagers, however, kill all wild animals with one strike due to their civilization bonus.

Researching Loom at the Town Center as soon as possible can vastly improve a Villager's survival chance when attacked by a wild animal, though they are still vulnerable if the animals attack in groups. The higher the difficulty, the higher the aggression radius of them against Villagers.

Wild animals will not attack KingsTrade CartsMonks (including Missionaries), Scouts (Scout Cavalry and Eagle Scout lines and Horse, Bactrian Camel, and Camel scout units), or any siege weapons (save for Ballista Elephants and Flaming Camels).

Wild animals will always hide in the fog of war, regardless of the map's exploration area. They are not considered "huntables" and as such will yield no food when slain.

There are some maps with relative abundance of wild animals (Gold Rush for example) and in these kind of maps, it is possible for players to try to lure a pack of them against an opponent, in a tactic known as the " Wolf Rush". It mainly consist of marking the points where the scout finds these animals with a Palisade Wall foundation, and then send either a foot archer or an infantry unit to lure them.

List of wild animals[]

Name First appearance Sprite
Dire Wolf The Age of Kings WolfIcon.jpg
Rabid Wolf The Age of Kings WolfIcon.jpg
Wolf The Age of Kings WolfIcon.jpg
Jaguar The Conquerors JaguarIcon.jpg
Bear The Forgotten BearIcon.jpg
Crocodile The African Kingdoms CrocodileIcon.jpg
Lion The African Kingdoms LionIcon.jpg
Komodo Dragon Rise of the Rajas Komododragonicon.png
Tiger Rise of the Rajas AOE2IconTiger.png
Snow Leopard Definitive Edition AoE2DE ingame snow leopard icon.png


  • Due to a bug, a player would receive a wild animal attack notification if they were attacked by a War Elephant in The Age of Kings.