The Wild Boar is a huntable animal in Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology.

Age of Empires II Edit

The Wild Boar has 75 hit points and 7 attack, so it is far more difficult to kill than Deer. It is essential that Villagers take it on in groups, as a single Villager cannot handle a Boar. If Boars are killed by military units the food they hold is lost, so it is important to assign Villagers with that task.

Also, Boars deal bonus damage against Eagles and cavalry, so luring them to the Town Center with scouts can even be dangerous for them. However, military units can be used to significantly reduce a Boar's hit points (but not kill it), so that Villagers can finish the Boar more easily.The Wild Boar provides 340 food, more than most huntable animals. It is recommended to gather from the Boar as soon as the player has enough Villagers to do so. Boars are a fast source of free food. Boars are so profitable that it is recommended to gather any the player can find, even in the Imperial Age.

The Javelina is an American version of the Boar, identical in all but name.

A powerful variant of the Wild Boar appears in the Attila the Hun campaign, known as the Iron Boar. It has 350 hit points, and Attila and his brother Bleda go to hunt it.

Strategies Edit

  1. Lure - A common strategy to kill a Boar is to have one Villager lure it to the Town Center by attacking it two times, and then run to the Town Center, where at least four other Villagers are waiting and kill the Boar. It is advisable to research Loom for luring a Boar. Without Loom, a Villager is killed in four hits. With Loom, a Villager is killed in seven hits.
  2. Mill - Another strategy involves building a Mill near a large group of huntables (Boars and Deer) or near Berry Bushes. Then the player must team up on the Boar with at least five Villagers. The player must be careful since this is the most dangerous strategy as the player cannot garrison the Villager who is being attacked by the Boar. In some cases, the Boar will still have to be lured to the Mill.
  3. Box Wall - Building a Palisade Wall around the Boar or even the attacking Villager can mess up the Boar's AI and one Villager can safely kill the Boar single-handed. This strategy isn't common, but it is good for early safe gathering of a Boar. The Wall doesn't have to be fully constructed just more than 1% to block the Boar's path.

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Boar in AoE2

Boar in AoE2

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Age of Mythology Edit

The Boar in Age of Mythology fights back against hunters, but not that well, and is not very difficult to take down. It is generally found in the grassy areas in Greece.

During the Fall of the Trident campaign, Arkantos and his friend Ajax are transformed into boars by the sorceress Circe, and are only turned back by a blessing from Zeus.

History Edit

"Scientific name -- Sus Scrofa
Size -- 150-300 lbs. for males
Diet -- roots, bulbs, nuts, small animals, carrion

The European wild boar feeds on roots, bulbs, tubers, nuts, turnips, corn and potatoes. They will sometimes eat larvae, small animals and carrion.

The domestic pig is a direct descendant of the boar, and like pigs, boars wallow in mud to keep cool. Boar herds usually consist of sows. Males are solitary or found in small groups, except during the breeding season.

Sows generally have one litter per year of 5-10 piglets, and are dedicated mothers. Sows are generally more aggressive than the males except during the rut. All adult boars are dangerous because of their large size and tusks, but generally won't attack unless provoked.

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