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Push forward! We must make it to the pyramid!
—Arkantos upon arriving with his Piece of Osiris

Where They Belong is the twentieth scenario of the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology. The main objective is to bring all three remaining Osiris Piece Boxes to Osiris' Pyramid.


Kemsyt meets with Gargarensis revealing Kamos' demise and his own failure to secure the Osiris piece box from his stronghold. Growing impatient, the Cyclops leaves to meet his army and motivate them to reach the passage to the Underworld before it is fully unearthed. Meanwhile, Setna is notified that Chiron and Amanra are within sight with their Osiris pieces, but there is no word of Arkantos. Knowing time is running out, he orders flares to be fired, signaling the heroes to begin advancing towards the pyramid.


  1. Build up and fight toward the Osiris pyramid. Survive until Arkantos arrives with his Osiris piece.
  2. Arkantos has arrived with the last Osiris piece! Bring all three Osiris pieces to the Obelisk near Osiris' Pyramid.


  • Amanra (RaPortrait Ra) – begins in the Heroic Age with two Town Centers close to the southern edge of the map, one controlled by Amanra and the other by Chiron. Both camps provide a handful of buildings, soldiers and laborers.


  • Abydos (IsisPortrait Isis) – Mostly consists of buildings acting as decorations within the city. Also owns a dock with fishing ships at an oasis east of the map.


  • Kemsyt (IsisIcon Isis) – Occupies Abydos with many military buildings, including monuments. Will attack the player in intervals using a variety of units.
  • Underworld Creatures (HadesPortrait Hades) - controls various myth units spawned near the excavation of the Osiris pyramid who attack the player


This guide is applied to hard difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty.

Amanra is located in the east camp and provides four Houses, an Armory, a Barracks, two Watch Towers, two Laborers, and six Spearmen. Chiron is located in the west camp and provides a Temple, a Monument to Villagers, six Laborers, a Priest, a Pharaoh, two Jarls, three Raiding Cavalry, and four Axemen.

Chiron provides 6 Laborers, which can build a Dock to harvest fish from the nearby oasis and a Barracks to provide additional soldiers. More Laborers can be trained to gather gold and food from nearby resources. Amanra's Laborers should be tasked into gathering the available free food and lumber from the forest of palms separating both camps. Whenever food runs out, laborers should build Farms close to the Town Centers and the player can cast the Rain god power while assigning the Pharaoh and Priests to empower.

Chiron can pick up the nearby Relic and deposit it in the Temple. Not far from his camp on the western side, there is also a Settlement the player can claim for additional population and protection. Both armies should stand guard near the enemy gates in anticipation of attacks. Kemsyt will first attack with an army of Spearmen, a Priest and three Siege Towers, and will cast Eclipse, stopping the player from using Plague of Serpents or Ancestors. The initial army should be enough to repel them but the player may train Axemen to counter future attacks. The Spearmen originate from buildings located outside Abydos, but Kemsyt will also send armies consisting of Sphinxes and Chariot Archers trained within the city. Players should train Priests upgraded with Nephthys' technologies and Migdol Strongholds should be built for protection and to train Camelry to repel the Chariot Archers. Players may send small raids to rid the map of Kemsyt's military buildings located outside the city, which will slow down the attacks.

When advancing to the Mythic Age, Osiris is the better option as the Son of Osiris will be useful against Kemsyt's many myth units and the Desert Wind technology will further improve the player's Camelry. Tornado will be less useful, as it cannot be cast near the pyramid due to the Monuments to Isis shielding the area of god powers. The enemy will guard the city with a large variety of Egyptian units so the player may train a variety of units of their own and upgrade them as they see fit. Catapults will be useful in taking out many defensive structures so a Siege Works should be built. Once the forest separating both bases is breached, Amanra, her army and her Osiris Piece Box can join Chiron's, relieving the player from the stress of managing two armies. When the player is satisfied with their army, they can send it to plow through Kemsyst's south-western outer walls. It is advised to attack only once the population limit has been reached because the player will soon be granted additional free units.

When twenty minutes have passed or if the first two pieces are brought to the obelisk first, Arkantos, Ajax and the final Osiris Piece Box will appear in the east corner of the map. Along with them will be four War Elephant, an Avenger, two Laborers, and five Tents. Their Laborers can claim the Settlement they appear next to if more population is needed, but otherwise the army can begin heading for Abydos as well. On their way to the pyramid, they will find a Watch Tower and Barracks belonging to Kemsyt guarding a Dock, Houses, and Fishing Ships. Should the player choose to free the fishermen, their buildings will convert to player's side to gather fish for them.

Abydos will be guarded by many of Kemsyt's myth units, including Mummies and Scorpion Men. These should be initially killed by the player's heroes while anything else that pours through the gates should be handled by the player's soldiers. Meanwhile, the Catapults can be tasked into taking out the Migdol Stronghold, Citadel and Towers guarding the walls and then the wall itself to allow their army to enter. Kemsyt will cast Ancestors once the player enters his base, but these can also be easily killed by the heroes. Another segment of the wall closer to the pyramid can be torn down to make it easier for Arkantos to enter the city. When all the pieces are within position, the player will be rewarded with victory.

Additional tips[]

  • If Kemsyt captures an Osiris Piece, he will send it to an enclosed area located at the center of the map. It will simply have to be recovered and there is no time limit.
  • The Gold Mines closest to the camps will run out quickly so players will need to push forward to claim more of them or build a market to establish a trade route between the two camps.

Closing Cinematic[]

The Priests of Osiris are beginning the ritual to revive the God of the Underworld but Gargarensis arrives with his army and corners the heroes. As he boasts that there is no use trying to revive Osiris, he is soon corrected as the boxes open and the god revives. Gargarensis then watches as his army is obliterated by bolts of lightning and meteors. Arkantos and the others run to attack the Cyclopes and Kemsyt but it is too late as they have already sailed to find the next passage to the Underworld. The heroes decide to pursuit them to the Norselands.


  • This is the second scenario where the player controls two bases, the first being Bad News.
  • This is the final appearance of Setna and he is only seen in the cutscenes.
  • Despite not being available to Ra, the player worships Anubis and Nephthys for the Classical Age and Heroic Age, respectively.
  • Ironically, the direction where the back of the pyramid is facing in this scenario consists of mountains, unlike in the scenario where the Osiris pyramid is previously available, the said location is a harbor by the sea.
  • Oddly, at some point the first Osiris Piece Box has been returned to the city and helpfully set up near the pyramid, thus negating the objective to take it with you during mission 15.
  • If enough time passes, the Underworld Passage will be cleared and the dig site will spawn Chimeras, as predicted by Gargarensis at the beginning of the scenario.
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