The Whale is a marine animal that appears in Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, and Age of Empires III.

Age of Empires Edit

The Whale is a food source in Age of Empires, similar to fish. Whales provide a lot of food but are tend to be far from shore and as such they are less efficient as a food source than other types of fish.

They do not fight back and have no hit points and will never move.

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Age of Mythology Edit

Whales appear in Age of Mythology in scenarios and are available in the Scenario Editor. Like the Shark, Whales cannot be hunted as they are only decorative, serving an embellishment purpose for coastal maps.

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Age of Empires III Edit

Whales are a common sight in coastal and marine maps in Age of Empires III. Instead of food, They provide an infinite source of coin. There are three species of Whales found including the Humpback Whale, the Beluga Whale, and the Minke Whale.

Whaling Edit

Players can fund their military efforts by assigning Fishing Boats to gather coin from Whales.

Only four Fishing Boats can gather from a single spot at a time. Whaling is slower than mining gold, copper, tin, and silver, but it is recommended for a late game supply of coin when all the mines in the area have been depleted.

Each Fishing Boat gathers 30 coin per minute, and gather rates can be improved from Home City shipments (from the Harbor or its Native American/Asian counterparts) and from two Dock upgrades, Gill Nets and Long Lines.

Whales and random maps Edit

The appearance of each species varies from map to map, with Humpbacks appearing in the majority of naval maps, whereas Belugas appear in Saguenay and Patagonia, and Minke Whales appear in New England and Plymouth.

Despite their different models, and history files, they all provide the same trickles of coin.

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