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This article is about the scenario in Age of Mythology. For the scenario in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms, see Welcome Home.

Welcome Back is the thirty-first, and second last scenario in the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology. It follows Arkantos, Amanra, and Ajax returning from Scandinavia with Gargarensis' head, only to have been tricked by his scheme.


After defeating Gargarensis' and the Giants' forces in the Norselands, right after Thor sealed the third Hades Gate to Tartarus, the heroes and many escorting forces return to Atlantis. Amanra asks how far are they from Atlantis and Arkantos responds that they should reach Atlantis before the dusk.

Immediately, he commands for the head of Gargarensis to be brought before him, and lashed to the ship's bow. As soon as the head is revealed, Ravens burst from it and Loki laughs at the heroes, to reveal Kemsyt's head instead; the heroes have been tricked and soon, they view Atlantis on the distance, under attack.


  • Land your troops on Atlantis' shores. Begin construction of a base by claiming a Settlement.
  • Rescue 15 Atlantean Prisoners. Transport them to the flagged island to the west.




  • Atlantis (Poseidon) - Consists of the civilian buildings that aren't under the control of Gargarensis.
  • Atlanteans (Poseidon) - Consists of the Prisoners that have being captured by Gargarensis. They must be saved and transported on the islet in order to beat this scenario.


  • Gargarensis (Poseidon) - The main and only enemy in this scenario, Gargarensis forces control most of the island. In the shores, they have built many towers and Fortresses and also control some Naval Shipyards, that should be destroyed as quickly as possible to allow room for the player to expand. Their forces consist of enormous numbers of Greek units, and also include many Chimerae and Cyclopes. Gargarensis himself will frequently cast god powers when the player advances through the island, so it is highly recommended to tread carefully.


Establishing a foothold[]

Before setting foot on Atlantis, one hero should grab the Relic located on the same island with the blue flag (the options are Arkantos, Ajax, Amanra and Odysseus). On Atlantis, there are four available Settlements for the player to choose from. Two of them are directly head on the open plain. There are plenty of resources available there but players will be subjected to many attacks from Gargarensis' units and even to some God Powers. If players do wish to take the more aggressive approach, they should first send the two Juggernauts to take out the Fortresses closest to the shore. Gargarensis will cast Meteor if the player's units enter that area but this can be avoided by simply sending the Pegasi to trigger the God Power while remaining safe from the impacts. The player's army can then be unloaded to take out the Militia spawned from the destroyed Fortresses while the Valkyries can attack the Petrobolos. If there are any Fortresses remaining, the player is provided with Mountain Giants and Scarabs, both of which can easily destroy them. After building the Town Center, it will be a matter of building up quickly and getting strong economic income while the existing units protect the Villagers from raids. There is another Settlement to the far north of the map which is less defended but will still be regularly attacked and so requires the same defensive strategy (see Counterattacks).

For a safer alternative, there is one last Settlement located on a peninsula on the south end of the map that is only guarded by Watch Towers. It is isolated from the rest of Atlantis and so will not be subjected to Gargarensis' attacks at all. There is a lack of room, being only enough for a handful of buildings. The resources there are scarce as well, but there are just enough for the player to advance to the Mythic Age where they can worship Hephaestus. Players can then cast the Plenty God Power and will now be guaranteed a constant trickle of resources for the remainder of the scenario. It may be necessary to transport some Villagers further down the peninsula so they can gather additional wood necessary to build unit production buildings and houses. A dock can also be built to gather fish which is plentiful on this map while the Transport Ships will be needed to transfer armies from the peninsula onto the mainland.


If players chose to establish their base on the plains, they must first have their existing army stand guard at the paths that lead towards the main city in order to intercept any attacks that come through. They should avoid attacking the gate that leads to the city as that will only trigger an Earthquake. The Valkyries will need to stand in the rear to be safe from harm as they will be needed to maintain the health of the army. Enemy raids will consist of various different types of Greek units so players will need to construct at least one Military Academy, one Archery Range and one Stable to produce a variety of units to counter them. Infantry in general will be especially useful in this scenario as they deal extra damage of buildings. A Temple will be needed to garrison the Relic and, seeing how Favor is easier to amass while worshiping Zeus, additional Myth Units can be trained as well. They must wary however as Gargarensis has Greek heroes of his own in his arsenal, such as Hippolyta and Polyphemus.

Gargarensis' units will be heavily upgraded so players need to build an Armory to upgrade their soldiers further. Before researching any technologies, it is recommended to immediately advance to the Heroic Age, build a Market and advance to the Mythic Age under Hephaestus. One of this Minor God's technologies is Forge of Olympus which severely reduces the cost of Armory technologies. A Fortress can be built if the player wants to defend their base while their army is out rescuing the Atlantean Prisoners and to train Helepoli if they rather not train Myth Units. Due to the sheer number of Myth Units encountered on this map, Bellerophon will prove himself as a very useful addition to the player's army. When the player has a decent second army to guard their base, they can now send their main army to first scout the beach for any enemy buildings and destroy them. Once the beach is cleared, the they can begin attacking the walls on the north side to gain access to the main city and rescue the Atlantean Prisoners.

Saving the Prisoners[]

Each cluster of Prisoners can be rescued by destroying a designated building or units that will flash when the players looks at a prison. An example is the Citadel that is located directly beyond the gates that connect the main city with the plains. The prisoners will convert to the player's colors when rescued, meaning they will become targets for the enemy. Therefore, the safest means of saving them is to first task all soldiers and heroes to attack the enemy units standing guard while the siege units destroy any building in the vicinity, save the one guarding the prisoners which should be taken out last. When the prisoners are freed, they can safely make their way to the shoreline and garrison into a waiting Transport Ship to be sent to the island. Players who chose to establish onto the peninsula can have their Transport Ships wait in the southern channel, which will reduce the amount of walking the Prisoners need to do. After each successful rescue, players are recommended to withdraw, heal their army and replenish any lost units.

Another group of Prisoners that are easy to rescue are located north of the Citadel as they are just guarded by Hydras. The campaign heroes can simply kill them and the Prisoners will be freed. A Transport ship will appear ready to carry them to the island, but there are Triremes waiting to ambush them further down the northern channel. It is safer to bring them back to the player's own waiting Transport Ship. To the south of the Citadel are other Prisoners guarded by a Fortress. If the players approaches that area, Gargarensis will cast the Earthquake God Power, which may cause his own fortress to sustain damage. To the east of that location, are additional Prisoners that will be freed if a Temple is destroyed. However, this area is especially dangerous as Gargarensis will cast Lightning Storm to protect his buildings, including a Town Center and Fortress guarded by various Myth Units. Once more, sending Pegasi will cause the God Power to be triggered without severely harming the player. If the army is severely weakened but the player must push forward before the enemy can retaliate, they can always cast Restoration. Casting Bronze is recommended prior to rescuing those Prisoners as Chimeras make up the bulk of the Myth Units there and their special attacks can damage several units at once. A safer option is located northeast of the Hydras as that prison is only guarded by buildings that produce soldiers and destroying a Watch Tower is all that's needed to free the Prisoners.

Regardless of which areas the player chooses to attack, once fifteen Prisoners have been rescued, all units can retreat as all that remains is to send those Prisoners to the island. Once that is accomplished, the player will be rewarded with victory.

Additional tips[]

  • Guard your Valkyries well, as they are frail and can heal units, including naval ones.
  • Players should choose Apollo over Dionysus as a Heroic Age god, simply because of his more practical bonuses, and also because of the Underworld Passage power, which can make this scenario surprisingly simple.
    • A highly pragmatical move would be to cast Underworld Passage on one end on the mainland and another on the islet. In this way, Prisoners can be simply transferred extremely quickly on the islet, and save time.
    • They can also research Temple of Healing in order to be less reliant on the Valkyries, thus freeing up population space for stronger Myth Units.
  • When trying to land on Atlantis, take your time. Scout the mainland carefully with Pegasi and strike shore defenses with Juggernauts (just beware of Petroboli).
  • Keep in mind that Gargarensis' forces may boast many military structures, Houses and Town Centers, that in turn provide much population, but they also lack Villagers. Destroy as many military structures as quickly as possible as they cannot be replaced, thus making attacks much less frequent.
  • Never send lone siege units or myth units to attack Gargarensis' Fortresses, as the Militia that will emerge may destroy them.


  • This is one of three scenarios of the Fall of the Trident that are set in Atlantis, the others being Omens and A Place in My Dreams.
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