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The Weapon Cache is a building that detonates in a large explosion (only visual) once destroyed and is featured in multiple campaigns in Age of Empires III.


The building is has a dark grayish color and is fairly small, no bigger than a house. Crates of ammunition, weapons, and gunpowder can be seen cluttered and filling up the building. When the building explodes, it shoots out a bright orange fireball and a large cloud of smoke. Seconds after, a large fire will be raging over where the building once stood.

In the Campaign[]

The weapon cache is found in multiple of the campaigns featured in Age of Empires III and the expansion packs The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties.

Act I: Blood[]

  • Into the Caves - The weapon cache makes its first appearance where Morgan fights off the remaining Ottoman stragglers and 8 weapon caches must be destroyed to win the scenario.

Act II: Shadow[]

  • Urgent News - The weapon Cache makes a return in The WarChiefs where the player gets provided with a Black Powder Wagons to blow up the Weapon Caches and to clear a way and allow Chayton Black to meet with a Lakota leader.

Act III: India[]

Historical Battles[]

  • Algiers - Several weapon caches contain the Spanish gunpowder supply in the western section of the map. Destroying them is one of the optional objectives.