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The Water Buffalo is a huntable animal in Age of Mythology, and a herdable animal in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas and Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.

Age of Empires II[]

The Water Buffalo appears in the Rise of the Rajas expansion pack as the main herdable animal available in Southeast Asia. It is a big, bulky animal that offers 150 food, which is 50 more than the Sheep and the Goat. This makes it on par with the Cow in terms of food. It also has the same 14 hit points as the Cow, whereas the other herdables have 7 hit points. Consequently, Scout Cavalry and Militia in the Dark Age will find it harder to deprive a player of Water Buffalos (and Cows).


  • In the Definitive Edition, the post-Dark Age African Mill is pushed by a Water Buffalo instead of the HD's Donkey.
  • The African Kingdoms includes a decorative buffalo skeleton available in the Scenario Editor.
  • The Water Buffalo is based on an African Buffalo with its characteristic horns which curl sideways, which were never domesticated. This is distinct from the actual tamable Water Buffalo, also known as the Asiatic Buffalo whose horns grow backwards. Since African buffalos were never domesticated, their presence in the African architecture mills is unsuitable.
  • Prior to the Definitive Edition, Update 34699 the Water Buffalo had 7 hit points.


Age of Mythology[]

In Age of Mythology, the Water Buffalo is a powerful huntable animal found on Egyptian and African maps, as well as in some others, such as Marsh. They are powerful, and a Villager will not be able to kill a Buffalo single-handedly. It takes at least three to prevent fatalities, though more are recommended to avoid injuries. They hold 400 food. Unlike in other games, the Water Buffalo in Age of Mythology are wild African buffaloes rather than domesticated, actual Asian water buffaloes.


Scientific name -- Syncerus caffer
Size -- about 2000 lbs.
Diet -- grasses

Buffalo are large, wild bovines. African water buffalo, also called cape buffalo, live in large herds sometimes numbering in the hundreds. When threatened, the animals form a protective ring with horns facing outward, making it difficult for predators to take calves. Lions tend to kill only older, solitary males. Big-game hunters came to refer to the buffalo as more dangerous than lions, because the large animals are unpredictable and dangerous if cornered. Buffalo are usually dark in color, with horns that curve downward and then back up again. Most African buffalo live on the savannah near a source of water, though there is a smaller forest subspecies as well. The animals may have difficulty regulating body temperature, as they stay in the shade or water during the day and forage at night.

Although often called buffalo, the North American animal is properly named bison.
—In-game help section


Age of Empires III[]

In Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, the Water Buffalo is a herdable animal, appearing wild in the Deccan map, where they can be captured. The only alternate way to obtain them, is through the Water Buffalo Ranching and Year of the Ox Home City Cards for the Chinese; the former allows Villages to train Water Buffaloes while the latter grants one for each Village and Town Center. When fully fattened, they hold 500 food, and are generally similar to the Cow. Although meant to represent a domestic Asian buffalo, the Water Buffalo model has the horns of a wild African buffalo, and the icon shows an African buffalo as well.

Home City Cards[]


Scientific Name: Bubalus bubalis
Approx. Size: 6 ft., 2,000 lb.
Diet: Grass, other sparse vegetation

This huge, gray, mud-wallowing beast is an ungulate, or “hoofed animal,” and a member of the bovine subfamily. Asia is home to 95% of the world’s population of water buffalo, and while it has been domesticated as a draught animal for centuries, some still wander wild in the swamps and grass jungles of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Thailand.

While domestic forms are known to be somewhat docile, wild water buffalo are extremely fierce, and can use their widely spread horns (sometimes reaching spans of 6 feet in length) to kill an adult tiger, their only natural predator.


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