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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For the building in other games of the series, see Watch Tower.

The Watch Tower is a tower in Age of Mythology. It is an upgrade of the Sentry Tower and becomes available in the Classical Age.

Damage bonuses[]

  • Flying Units: ×3.0
  • Ships: ×6.0



Watch Towers can be upgraded to Guard Towers in the Heroic Age. The upgrade costs 300 wood and 300 gold and takes 40 seconds to research. All civilizations except for the Norse can upgrade to Guard Tower.

The upgrade increases the towers' hit points by 300 and also increases the attack by 70%.

The Egyptians get the Watch Tower upgrade for free upon advancing to the Classical Age.


Watch towers were simple structures that provided a good view of the surrounding countryside and shelter for a few soldiers. From the tower the soldiers watched for raiders or advancing enemies. Using messengers or signals of some sort, the watchmen could provide early warning to commanders. Early warning was important for protecting people and livestock, and assembling military forces to oppose invaders.


  • Watch Tower was originally supposed to increase the line of sight range of Sentry Towers. However, due to human error, this effect doesn't actually work.