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Cog stone icon This article describes user-generated, unofficial content.The content described on this page has not been implemented in a retail version of any game of the Age of Empires series and is therefore currently unavailable in officially released games.

Note: Wars of Liberty has its own wiki.

Wars of Liberty is a non-commercial and fan-based modification for Age of Empires III. This mod features a great deal of reworked new gameplay elements and a huge amount of new civilizations. The game is focused on the world history during the long 19th century (1789–1914).


The War of the Triple Alliance mod, or WotTA was announced by Age of Empires III Heaven forum member Lord Tahattus on July 20, 2006. An Alpha including partial versions of the Argentines, Paraguayans, and Tupi was released on April 6, 2007. On October 22, 2007, a public Beta for the mod was released. The remaining Latin American civilizations, Americans, Canadians, Inca, and Mapuche were released in the Gamma version of the mod on September 9, 2011. After significant changes to the focus, timeline, and development philosophy of the mod, it was renamed to Wars of Liberty and received a full release on September 9, 2015.

Main Releases[]

1.0.8: The Peruvian Update[]

  • 12/22/2016
  • Peruvian civilization added.

1.0.9: The Mediterranean Update[]

  • 6/30/2017
  • Italian civilization added.
  • Maltese civilization added.

1.0.10: The Caribbean Update[]

  • 4/1/2018
  • Haitian civilization added.

1.0.11: The Missing Pieces[]

  • 12/20/2018
  • Belgian civilization added.
  • Korean civilization added.

1.0.12: The Nordic Update[]

  • 10/18/2019
  • Danish civilization added.
  • Swedish civilization added.

1.0.13: The Meri Kirihimete Patch[]

  • 7/20/2020
  • Maori civilization added.

1.0.14: The Zoomer Patch[]

  • 4/18/2021
  • UI and Zoom function update.

1.0.14c: This patch is named Boris[]

  • 6/23/2021
  • Bulgaria has been reworked.

1.0.15: The 15th Anniversary Patch[]

  • 1/21/2022
  • Latin American overhaul and naval rework.
  • Bolivians civilization added.
  • Central Americans civilization added.
  • Uruguayans civilization added.
  • Cavalry combat system overhaul.

1.0.15e: The Compromise Patch[]

  • 9/8/2023
  • The Habsburgs have been reworked into the Austro-Hungarians.
  • Germans and British have been completely reworked.
  • Nation State and European cultures shared units overhaul.
  • Immigration system rework.
  • Shock combat system overhaul.


Argentinian Buildings WoL

Argentinian buildings

Original civilizations have changed partially and some completely, most of them have received a new AI personality, technologies, cards, units... All of the new civilizations and most of the existing ones have many new unique units, in addition to several new shared units. All these new units have had care put into them to make them as distinctive, realistic and interesting as possible. A new feature, called Immigrants is available for the Latinamerican civilizations, where the player can found immigrant colonies and obtain access to related technologies and units.

  • 5 brand new cultures: Africans, Nation States, Latin Americans, Anglophones, and Polynesians.
  • Over 40 new civilizations have been announced, with 30 added in the current version: Argentines, Australians, Austro-Hungarians, Belgians, Bolivians, Brazilians, Bulgarians, Canadians, Centralamericans, Chileans, Colombians, Danes, Egyptians, Ethiopians, Greeks, Haitians, Incas, Italians, Koreans, Maori, Mapuche, Mexicans, Paraguayans, Peruvians, Romanians, Serbians, Swedes, Tupi, Uruguayans and Zulu.
  • Over 50 new random maps have been included. The WOL-only ones can be found in the main list; the others, by clicking on "Custom Maps" at the skirmish screen. Total of 100 total random maps by the time the Delta version is released.
  • 21 new Native Settlements can appear on the new maps: Aymara, Guaicuru, Guarani, Inuit, Shuar, Wayuu, Paulista, Quilombola, Republiqueta, Sertanejo, Afghan Cameleers, Chinese Miners, Penal Colonies, Fale, Heiau, Wharenui, Order of Christ, Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Pirates.
  • Dozens of new huntables, trees, mines and other resources may be found across all random maps.
  • Spies completely redesigned in a new Espionage system. Now available to all civilizations.
  • UI redesigned in 1440p Ultra HD resolution, compared to the original UI was only designed in 1024x768.



Civilization Personality Main Bonuses Unique units
Argentines Bartolome Mitre
  • They have a mounted Explorer.
  • Their Villagers are Gauchos, a mounted Villager that moves faster than other villager units and counts as a Cavalry unit.
  • Their herdables animals are spawned from the Pasture.
  • All coin crates replaced by silver crates, which grant 10% more coin than usual.
  • Start with 2 cows, get extra cows with every age up.
  • All cavalry units get 0.375 faster with every age up, meaning that at Imperial Age they're 1.5 faster than usual cavalry, and they can become even faster with cards and techs.
  • Instead of livestock pens, they have pastures that double as mills and Livestock Pen.
  • Their unique building is the Estancia, a big livestock pen that can train cavalry units and Zebus, a better type of cow.
Granadero a Caballo
Paraguayans Solano Lopez
  • Their villagers are Koyguas that work as soldiers and cost no population, but gather slower and can only build basic buildings.
  • They have a Surveyor explorer that passively makes nearby Works produce resources faster.
  • They have small factories called Works for each resource, which means they don't need villagers.
  • Master Engineer gathers wood, and is the only unit who can build military buildings and Works.
  • Their barracks spawn Primero de Linea, and their stables spawn Aca-Caraya
  • Their unique building is the iron works, that spawns Cohetes and has powerful unique techs which benefits artillery and Works.
Master Engineer
Primero de Línea
Aca Yboty
Criollo Cannon
Tupi Cunhambebe
  • They cant gather Coin, because they don't know it; they can only use Wood and Food.
  • They don't have cavalry units.
  • They have 2 different Villagers: Paje that dance in the Fire Pit and standard Native American Villager.
  • Buildings have less hitpoints but are cheaper and build faster.
  • Access to two kinds of house: Native American Longhouse that can train a batch of mixed units and the Oca that doubles as a mini mill.
Uybassy Archer
Ybira Jara
Thunder Gun


Civilization Personality Main Bonuses Unique units
Brazilians Dom Pedro II
  • Starts with a Sertanista, a weak but immortal Explorer, and a Jesuit Priest, who can attack units, heal and build Temples, Trading Posts and Town Centers.
  • Sertanistas can be sent from homecity.
  • They have African Slaves as Villagers, that are stronger than that Settlers.
  • When they age up they get an agricultural wagon that can become a Mill or Plantation.
  • Their unique building is the Engenho, a better plantation that can train Guarda Negras and can be configured to produce different resources.
  • They get an extra immigrant and religion selection.
  • They can quickly purchase a group of slaves from the Town Center for an increasing amount of coin.
  • They can whip their slaves, making them better at gathering but weaker in combat.
  • Instead of hunting techs, they have farming techs at the market.
Jesuit Priest
African Slave
Voluntario da Patria
Cassador Montado
Guarda Negra
Zuavo Baiano
Colombians Simon Bolivar
  • They have Libertador as the Explorer that can build Tent military buildings and Tent houses.
  • Their unique villager is the Juana that excels in melee combat.
  • Age-Up through choosing a member state in the Gran Colombia, acquiring their ultimate unit in the process.
  • Can gain up to 4 Ultimate Units which can be trained at their unique building, the Presidential Palace.
Granadero de Tarqui
Canal Police


Civilization Personality Main Bonuses Unique units
Canadians Sir John Alexander Macdonald
  • They age up with wood instead of food.
  • Each building spawns a maple tree.
  • In Delta version the rifleman will be able to counter cavalry and hold its ground against heavy gunpowder ranged infantry instead of being a skirmisher.
  • Instead of Houses they have Log Cabins that trickle Wood
New England:
Foot Guard
Black Watch

New France:
Troupe de la Marine
Metis Rebel
Mississauga Horse
Voltigeur de Québec
United States Abraham Lincoln
  • They have extra market and military technologies.
  • They have 6 "Great Companies" to choose from at the Market in Industrial Age: Texaco, Colt's Patent Firearms, John Deer, Tiffany, General Electric, and Ford.
  • They are the only Anglo civ to have to the hospital, unlocked by selecting Clara Barton as a politician.
Louisiana Tiger
Texas Ranger
Cavalry Corps

Union :
Continental Marine
Mounted Rifle
Gatling Gun
Buffalo Soldier
Mexicans Benito Juarez
  • They have the Presidio, a small fort that trains villagers and military units.
  • Their unique Explorer is the Presidial that excels against other Explorers.
  • Each of their techs gives a free Doliente.
  • The Mexican villager is the "Tlaquehual". When it dies it leaves behind a grave that trickles Food temporarily.
  • Their ultimate building is the Panteon, that prevents enemies from building near it and increases the Food trickle from fallen villagers, can train Cueteros.


Civilization Personality Main Bonuses Unique units
Egyptians Muhammad Ali Pasha
  • Buildings are mobile, and cost food and wood.
  • Their royal unit is the Mamluk.
  • Their military techs at the Library make each Caravan spawn Felahin
  • Their economic techs at the Library make Ali Pasha empower Villagers
  • Their civil techs at Library spawn several different types of Caravans.
Muhammad Ali Pasha
Ethiopians Emperor Menelik II
  • Town Centers automatically spawn Porters.
  • They have the strongest buildings and defenses.
  • Their explorer is Emperor Menelik II, who can summon a lion roar to stun enemies.
  • Their economic techs at the Library spawn food crates.
  • Their civil techs at the Library give more population per house.
  • Their military techs at library provide military bonuses.
  • Their royal unit is the Mehal Sefari, which has more hitpoints when near a Town Center and is strong against Infantry and Artillery.
Menelik II
Tigray Lancer
Oromo Horseman
Mehal Sefari
Zulu Shaka Zulu
  • They cannot train units. Instead, their Ikhanda and Matriarchs spawns Youths that mature into their units.
  • Their military techs at the Library bring free Impis and increase infantry speed.
  • Infantry run faster and have special tactics.
  • Their civil techs at the Library spawn African Porters (similar to Iroquois Travois).
  • Their economic techs at the Library make villagers walk faster, and increase Youth build limit.
  • Their royal unit is the Ishikulu, a powerful spearman.
  • They have Matriarchs that spawn Youths.
  • Their hero is Shaka, who can hit enemies with a shield.
Australia Henry Parkes
  • Trains Convict Laborers alongside a Wool Sheep.
  • Unit cost depends on their population.
Convict Laborer

Aboriginal Tracker
Native Policeman

Rum Corpsman
Waler Horse
Bulgarians Ferdinand I
  • Most of their military units are trained one Age later than most civilizations but they can send Samara Banner cards that transform their Opalchentsi units into other military units.
  • Their Elite Unit is the Honor Guard that can be upgraded into the Konvoi with more hitpoints and armor.
Opalchenets Infantry
Opalchenets Cavalry
Greeks Theodoros Kolokotronis
  • They have Olive Plantations that has more techs than standard Plantations.
  • They have the Fish Trap, a naval food gathering building.
  • The only Nation States civilization to age up at the dock.
  • Very strong Home City Cards linked to politicians that have a half blue, half light green border.
  • Their Elite Unit is the Klepht that can be upgraded into the Evzonoi with more hitpoints and their wood cost replaced with Coin.
Romanians King Carol I
  • Access to two Villagers: The standard Peasant and their unique Roma Villagers.
  • They can gain access to most technologies early but with an increased cost.
  • Their Elite Unit is the Calarasi that can be upgraded into the Rosiori with more damage and a powerful charged hand attack.
Roma Villager
Serbs Peter I
  • When one of their units dies, it incites allies to attack stronger.
  • Their Elite Unit is the Hajduk that can be upgraded into the Becari with more damage and range.
Habsburgs Maria Theresa
  • All military units are mercenaries.
  • Age up through political marriages.
  • Access to Schloss which is a stronger variant of the Fort.
Magyar Grenadier
Magyar Huszar
Winged Hussar*
Chileans Manuel Montt
  • Villagers are Rotos that receive more benefit from economic technologies.
  • All shipments come with a free resource crate
  • Can build a Salitrera to autoproduce Crates.
Húsar de la Muerte
Batallon Civico
Frontier Cavalry
Carreta Blindada
Inca Tupac Amaru II
  • Buildings cost coin.
  • Villagers generate coin when gathering other resources.
  • Units are stronger when nearby buildings.
  • Their buildings give gold when destroyed.
  • Their Chasquis explore, gather treasures and build Trading Posts.
  • The Sapa Inca has special abilities and increases the HP of nearby units.
  • Can build monuments in enemy bases.
  • Tambos send one free military unit when the unit is upgraded.
  • They can send a powerful Inca cavalry (Manco Horseman) through the Home City and the Big Button and they upgrade themselves every age up.
Sapa Inca
Auca Runa
Bolas Warrior
Inca Mortar
Manco Horseman
Mapuche Calfucura
  • Everything the Mapuche do will bring more experience than normal.
  • Villagers trickle extra XP with every activity they realize.
  • The Mapuche have their tribal council directly on the battlefield, meaning that they can perfectly send various shipments at once.
Artillery Piece
Peruvians General Ramón Castilla
  • Villagers are Cholos and they can garrison in any building.
  • All buildings are enabled one age earlier.
  • Dead units increase nearby allied unit speed and give LOS.
  • Can build a Guanera, which is a water plantation that autoproduces Resources and Experience.
  • They can train decoys of all unique military units.
  • They have HC cards that can boost the units stats for a while.
  • Access to investment technologies at their military buildings
Legion Peruana
Grieve Cannon
Turret Ship
Italians Victor Emmanuel II
  • They have "Merchant", villager that only collect resources.
  • They have "Architect", villager that build Wagons.
  • They use Wagons for build their buildings.
  • They use "Camorrista", a unique spy for Italians
  • They can exchange faith for gold in their "Basilica", a unique Italian church.
Haitians Faustin I
  • They have Royalist, their unique Explorer that is strong in melee combat
  • Their unique villager is the Sevite that can be revived once when killed by paying Faith cost.
  • They can do a full scale Revolution at the Capital Age instead of the Industrial Age
  • The further away military units are from the Town Center, the stronger they are.
  • Each age, they have access to a revolutionary politician that is more expensive than other politicians, but researches extremely quickly and brings powerful military advantages.
  • Their unique building is the Lakou, that trains Royal Dahomets and can convert enemy units
Royal Dahomet

Missing Pieces Patch[]

Civilization Personality Main Bonuses Unique units
Belgians Leopold II
  • Get a free Frontier Wagon that can transform into Redoubts, Tavern, or Trading Posts on each Age-Up.
  • Access to the Native Embassy even without allying with natives, can train unique African native units from the Native Embassy.
  • Trading Posts on Trade Routes can be set to monopolize trade instead of delivering resources which temporarily reduces enemy gathering rates for a short period of time.
Force Publique
Bicycle Infantry
Police Elephant
Koreans Empress Myeongseong
  • Military units can garrison inside buildings.
  • Korean Warships gets stronger the more buildings the enemy has.
  • Korean buildings slowly regenerate over time.
  • Their unique Monks are the Jeobju which are strong mounted monks.
Dangpa Spearman
Myeong Gung
Fire Lance
Gungdo Cavalry
Iron Flail
Fire Cattle

Nordic Patch[]

Civilization Personality Main Bonuses Unique units
Danes Frederick VII
  • Shipments and Age Advancements give a Golden Age that increases Experience bounties from killed enemy units and villager gathering rates.
  • Can ship Ox Carts that improves nearby villager gathering and transform into an economic building.
  • Access to their unique Dock, the Anchorage that can freeze enemy ships.
Swedes Oscar II
  • Each buildings have an Annex that provides unique functions.
  • Access to the Sawmill, a building that spawns crates of Wood and contain Renovation improvements.
  • Access to the Allotment system in the Torp and Rusthall annex that gives units at an escalating cost.
Nordenfelt Gun

Meri Kirihimete Patch[]

Civilization Personality Main Bonuses Unique units
Maori Te Rauparaha
  • Age Up by performing Voyages through their Rangatira Explorer.
  • Their Pa is a combination of Town Center, Barracks, and Outpost, training villagers and infantry units while able to shoot enemies if garrisoned.
  • Acccess to branching military upgrades that unlocks different units depending on the upgrade path chosen.
Marksman → Purukumu / Tupara Marksman
Spearman → Tewhatewha / Tao Spearman
Fighter → Mere / Hoeroa Fighter
Grapple Team → Whip Spearman / Adze Ram
Stone Thrower → Carronade / Ballista
Taiaha / Huata
Trench Rifleman
Dugout Canoe
Waka Taua

15th Anniversary Patch[]

Civilization Personality Main Bonuses Unique units
Bolivians Isidoro Belzu
  • Native Technologies provide a resource trickle.
  • Their Unique explorer is the Chiflera that can train Native Units and transform Pongos into K'ellu Runas.
  • Their unique villager is the Pongo that can be trained from the Town Center and from Mining Camps
  • Can field more native warriors than most civilizations thanks to their ultimate building, the Sociedad Folklorica
Daza's Grenadier
Franco Tirador
K'ellu Runa
Sociedad Folklorica
Central Americans Francisco Morazan
  • Access to six different military roster, each with their own National Guards.
  • Their Unique explorer is the Alguacil that gains different bonuses depending on the chosen roster.
  • Their unique villager is the Jornalero that gathers more resources from natural sources.
  • Access to Politecnica which trains units faster than normal military buildings instead of Forts.
  • Military shipments contain two kinds of units.
Dragon Rojo
Beneficio Cafetalero
Uruguayans Venancio Flores
  • Immigrant units costs normal resources instead of shipments and can be trained individually.
  • Access to different Immigrant options on each Age Up.
  • Their unique Explorer is the Companion that works like a Grenadier.
  • Their unique villager is the Baqueano that provides population.
  • Access to the Apostadero unique building that produces Experience crates and trains mercenaries and their Ultimate Unit, the Legion Liebrtadora.
Legion Libertadora

Compromise Patch[]

Civilization Personality Main Bonuses Unique units
Austro-Hungarians Franz-Joseph I
  • The Habsburg civilization have been reworked.
  • They now have the old German bonus of free Hussars on shipments from Age II onwards.
  • Access to Royal Veteran upgrades that is cheaper and available earlierin Age III than National Guard upgrades.
  • Access to two kinds of villagers: Austrian Settler Wagon and Hungarian Settler
British Queen Victoria
  • The original Age of Empires 3 British have been reworked.
  • They now have all unique Infantry and Cavalry roster.
  • They now have the old Habsburg bonus of aging up through political marriages and absorbing gameplay aspect from the parent civilization of the suitors.
  • Can ship Generals from the Home City that boosts certain units in combat.
  • Access to Factory in Age III.
Green Jacket
Black Watch
Household Blue
Scots Grey
Artist's Rifle
Germans Otto Von Bismarck
  • The original Age of Empires 3 Germans have been reworked.
  • They receive the old British bonus where Mietskaserne (a manor house variant) spawns a free Settler upon being built.
  • Barracks and Stables spawns a free Landwehr unit upon being built.
  • Can Levy Landwehren units from the Redoubt and their ultimate unit, the Telegrafentruppe that can also receive shipments on the field.
  • Can build the Krupp Factory which can spawn artillery units for free.
Krupp Factory



  • Austro-Hungarians
  • British
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Belgians
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italians
  • Ottomans
  • Russians
  • Germans
  • Danes
  • Swedes
  • Advanced Religion: Doubles hit points of religious units and enables the Inquisitor.
  • Factories
  • Hospital: Unique to Europeans, the hospital heals nearby units and trains Surgeons.
  • Research technologies*
  • National Guard Upgrades w/ Latin America*
Unique units:
  • Surgeon
  • Inquisitor- priest and spy
  • Ultimate- single unique unit; exception of the Italians.
Shared units:
  • Partisan
  • Volunteer
  • Line Infantry
  • Skirmisher
  • Hussar
  • Cuirassier
  • Dragoon
  • Foot Artillery
  • Culverin
  • Steel Gun
  • Mortar
  • Horse Artillery
  • Aviso
  • Battleship
  • Floating Battery
  • Fishing Boat
  • Settler

Nation States[]

  • Greeks
  • Bulgarians
  • Romanians
  • Serbians
  • Star Forts: More HP; slow attack rate.
  • No Mills; Crops. Starts with one gatherer only but can be further upgraded at the market.
  • The Nation States age up technology directly through: Barracks, Stable, Hunter's Lodge, Market and Artillery Foundry.
  • All military buildings are unlocked in the Enlightenment Age (I).
  • The Balkans are the only culture able to build the 'infamous' Star Forts.
  • Late game food source is gathered from Food Crops.
  • Late game coin source is gathered from Cash Crops.
  • Homecities have a palace view.*
  • Access to Elite units.
Unique units:
  • Chief- Explorer that transform into a National Hero Statue when killed.
  • Peasant- European settler special in name only.
Shared units:
  • Hajduk
  • Scytheman
  • Recruit
  • Border Patrolman
  • Marauder
  • Honor Guard
  • Carabinier
  • Mule Artillery
  • Mountain Artillery
  • Schwarloze
  • Torpedo Boat
  • Destroyer
  • River Monitor

Middle East[]

Note: This culture will be added in the future. Stay in touch and follow the news on the forum.

  • Omani
  • Afghans
  • Persians
  • Uzbeks
  • Their shared units are Hashashins, Camel Lancer, Dervish...
  • Instead of having a Town Center, they have the Citadel. This is the only defensive structure for the Middle Eastern civilizations other than the Arabians
  • Age up through Cultural Aspects at the Royal Court. Instead of giving resources or units, the options impact your Leader, adds a bonus to your civilizations or adds a protocol for the Royal Court. There is a level system for the Cultural Aspects.
  • Instead of spies they are able to train Hashashins at the Hookah Lounge
  • Their villager unit is the Servant
  • Their minuteman unit are Lashkars
  • The unique explorer/hero unit for Middle Eastern civilizations are Leaders. Each civ has their own unique version of the Leader.
  • Leaders can't gather treasures, this job is done by the Nomad


  • Egyptians
  • Ethiopians
  • Zulu
  • Ambassador Cards: Provide small bonuses for each ambassador.
  • Lot- Farm
  • Quarry
  • Bazaar
  • Library- Enables exponential growth through researching the three branches of technology. Military(M), Economics(E), and Civics(C); the Library is the powerhouse of African civilizations.
  • Garrison- Trains early military units
  • Cantonment- Trains late game military units
  • Palace- Trains heavy artillery and royal units
  • European Ambassadors- Access to mercenaries from four foreign nations.
  • There are four ways to reach the National Age. Research:
    • M1+E1+C1
    • M1+M2
    • E1+E2
    • C1+C2.
Unique units:
  • National Leader
  • Euro. Ambassador- Sends unique unit shipments and consulate units; the latter costs export.
  • Hero- Can be killed; automatic respawn.
  • Royal Unit- Costs export
Shared units:
  • Askari
  • Bowmen
  • Firebrand
  • Mountain Gun
  • Revolving Cannon
  • Escort
  • African Villager
  • Spearman
  • Camel Rider

Latin Americans[]

  • Argentines
  • Bolivians
  • Brazilians
  • Central Americans
  • Chileans
  • Colombians
  • Haitians
  • Mexicans
  • Paraguayans
  • Peruvians
  • Uruguayans
  • Town Hall: A Capitol-like building where Caudillo is trained; can be obtained in Age II.
  • Each civilizations has an ultimate building that is available from the Home City in Age III.
  • Ages Up by choosing an Immigrant nation to ally with.
  • Immigrants ship support units and research powerful technologies in conjunction with
  • Acess to Artillery Age in Age II.
Unique units:
  • Immigrants (Mercenaries)-Units and tech cost XP and/or shipments; choose wisely.
  • Caudillo (Spies)- Hero unit that trains Outlaws.
  • Unique villager vastly different from other villagers within the same culture.
Shared units:
  • Pardo
  • Escopetero
  • Machetero
  • Conscript
  • Vivandera
  • Sailor
  • Lancer
  • Escolta
  • Jinete
  • Artisanal Cannon
  • Volante
  • Pedrero
  • Exploding Cart
  • Corvette
  • Frigate
  • Bombarda

American Natives[]

  • Haudenosaunee
  • Lakota
  • Inca
  • Tupi
  • Mapuche
  • Monuments: which can summon nature powers. There are 2 shared powers and 3 unique ones, and each new age unlock one power
  • Fire Pit: Ceremonial dances which reap unique benefits
  • Pucaras (Fort)
  • Ceremonial Dance- More villagers dancing = stronger effect; different dances reap different benefits.
  • Gift Dance- Increases rate of XP accumulation
  • Alarm Dance- Spawns Warriors
  • Big Button Technology- Grants powerful improvements, groups of units, or resources.
  • The natives age up by way of the Tribal Council, five members whose benefits increase with each age up.
Unique units:
  • Warrior- A militia unit that degrades over time.
  • War Chief- Stronger than an explorer, the War Chief has Nature Friendship Ability; enables treasure guardians to fight along side you; aura changes.Shared Units:
  • Bocafuegos
Shared units:


  • Americans
  • Canadians
  • Australians
  • Unlock unique units based upon faction and the politicians in each faction.
  • Each politician possesses a unique tech.
  • They have two types of towers: Lookouts, that provide line of sight, and Shelters, that have to be garrisoned by infantry to fire.
  • They start with a variable number of Fur Traders (which double as hunters) and Shepherd Dogs. The dogs are immortal pets who can gather treasures and mark territory.
Unique units:
Shared units:
  • Militia
  • Spontooner
  • Rifleman
  • Light Cavalry
  • Sapper
  • Whitworth
  • Blakely
  • Napoleon
  • Dictator
  • Parrot
  • Schooner
  • Paddle Steamer
  • Ironclad


  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
Unique units:
Shared units:


Unique units:
Shared units:


  • Italians: Best plantation gatherers, can train Legiones Agricola and Tatterdemalioni.
  • French: Strong immigrant workers, can train Contra-Guerrillas, Legionnaires, and Palatine Guards.
  • Germans: Best builders, can train Brummers, Batalhaos do Diabo, and Krupp Steel Cannons.
  • Croatians: Immigrant Workers gather faster near Docks, Can train Mornari, Falkusas, and Cazadores de Indios.
  • Confederates: Best miners, can train Filibusters and Dynamite Cannons.
  • Irish: Best prayers, can train Zamuritos and San Patricio Cannons
  • Polish: Immigrant Workers come with a free Cow, can train Auxiliars and Infernal Picadores.
  • Scandinavians: Immigrant House spawns treasures, best fishermen, can train Ski Troopers.
  • Arabs: Immigrant Workers automatically trickle resources, can train Galegos.
  • Chinese: Immigrant Workers gather faster from natural sources, can train Coolies.
  • Japanese: Immigrant Workers gather faster from berries, can train Shotais and Cavalry Medics.


Religion Civilizations Bonuses Healer Temple
Catholicism Mexico, France, Portugal and Spain Makes priests the best, but costs the most faith. Allows building a second temple. Priest Abbey
Anglicanism Britain, Canada, and Australia Deacon
Lutheranism Germany and United States Preacher
Baptism United States and Mexico Its techs don't cost faith and are cheap. Reverends can be trained from houses with the home parish tech. Reverend Parish
Orthodox Russia and Greece
Candomblé Brazil Babalorixa Casa Branca
Shamanism Shaman Temple
Secularism An emphasis on the scientific method rather than organized religion. The laws of physics give artillery increased range, the theory of evolution allows genetic breeding, making crops grow faster, and the healer can heal faster than any religious healer. Physician Temple
Islam Can call a jihad where units become much stronger but all units then will cost faith. Imam
Judaism Portugal, Germany, and Greece Rabbi Synagogue
Calvinism Britain Huguenot Meeting House
Hinduism Acharya
Buddhism Bhikkhu
Shintoism Kannushi
Taoism Daoshi
Sunni Islam
Shia Islam

Random maps[]

  • Gran Chaco
  • Sertao
  • Dunas
  • Dallol
  • Agreste
  • River Nile
  • Iceland
  • Iberian Peninsula
  • British Isles
  • Verdon gorge
  • Atlas Mountains
  • Alps
  • Tuscany
  • Balkans
  • Black Forest
  • Scandinavia
  • Black Sea
  • Eastern European Plains
  • Llanos
  • Panama
  • Cerrado
  • Andes
  • Rift Valley
  • Lake Retba
  • Cape
  • Madagascar
  • Horn of Africa
  • Sahara
  • Sahel
  • Barbary Coast
  • Serengeti
  • Great Zimbabwe
  • Canaries
  • Aegean Archipelago
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Oasis
  • Guinea Coast
  • Arabia
  • Red beach
  • Australia: The largest map in Age of Empires, covering the entire continent.
  • Atacama: Buildings cannot be built on the large salt flat.
  • Alaska: Fox pelts provide coin.
  • Acre: Rubber Trees can be harvested for coin.
  • Congo: Fog of War resets as units lose LoS.
  • Marajo: Has dynamic weather.
  • Galapagos: Turtles added as a new huntable.

African commodities[]

On African maps, the native villages each specialize in a product you trade with them.

There are 21 commodities in total. 8 of them revealed so far.

  • Palm Oil Merchants
  • Silk Merchants
  • Vanilla Merchants
  • Slave Merchants
  • Coffee Merchants
  • Black oil Merchants
  • Rubber Merchants
  • Lost Treasures Merchants



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  • Former team leaders: Fenriz, Tahattus, Hoop Thrower, Mandalore, Septafolia
  • Coding: Dr. Maxy, JTMaston, Punchline
  • Art: Zupay, Forsant, Moduska, Pepp, JTMaston
  • Research: Christos
  • Balance: JTMaston
  • AI: AlistairJah, Uzumaki Binomo
  • Map scripting: HrdsHrdrck
  • Sound editing: JTMaston

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