War of the Titans is the twelfth and final scenario of The New Atlantis campaign in Age of Mythology: The Titans.

The main objective is to summon Gaia so that she can defeat Kronos

Summary Edit

The campaign heroes exit the Sky Passage and find themselves on what remains of Old AtlantisKrios has already established his followers and reveals that Kronos is in the process of breaking down the Hades Gate that Gargarensis had uncovered ten years prior. Kastor realizes that Gaia is also located somewhere below the archipelago and that summoning her is how they put an end to all this. 

Objectives Edit

  1. Invoke a Seed of Gaia god power on each of the four sacred Gaia Pools. The loss of a single Summoning Tree means defeat. 
  2. Protect at least one Summoning Tree until Gaia appears. 
  3. Use Gaia to defeat Kronos. 

Players Edit

Neutral Edit

  • Ruins of Atlantis (Gaia) - Consists of a few artifacts scattered across the island, including the Hades Gate and Boulder Walls from which Kronos and Gaia will emerge respectively. 
  • Gaia (Gaia) - Consists solely of the three Gaia Pools scattered away from the player's position. Once these are approached, they will convert to the player's side.

Enemies Edit

  • Atlanteans of Kronos (Kronos) - Occupies the center of the island which has been walled off. Will constantly send raids of mostly Atlantean units to harass the player and even scout the island for Relics.
  • Kronos (Kronos) - Consists solely of the king of the titans himself. His stats are phenomenal and his high regeneration rate means that ordinary units have no effect on him. 

Strategy Edit

This guide is applied to hard difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty. 

The player has four casts of the Seed of Gaia God Power which must be planted in sacred pools located around the island. They must immediately cast the first seed in the pool next to the starting location. Each seed planted will grant the player some Carnivorae and/or Dryads to guard the Summoning Tree. As there are no means to create additional Citizens, those who are readily available can be converted to heroes to increase their efficiency. The first three should be tasked to gather Wood and Gold while the fourth builds Docks from which Fishing Ships can be trained to gather Food from fish and the Salt Amphora technology can be researched. Players can cast their Carnivora god powers around their starting position to help strengthen it. 

The campaign heroes can be sent to northeast and one should pick up the Canopic Jar of Imsety Relic. As they continue towards the next sacred pool, they will encounter a Heka Gigantes which the player should cast Traitor onto so that he can be commanded to return to the starting location to guard the Citizens. A second Heka Gigantes may come in pursuit of him so players can convert one of their Murmillo into a hero to help fight him. Another Seed of Gaia can be planted in the eastern sacred pool once the campaign heroes arrive, but players should also begin casting Gaia Forest to completely seal off that tree from enemy attacks. The heroes should wait outside the forest surrounding the second tree in anticipation of an attack of Contarius and Automata. Once those have been defeated, the heroes can move on to the third sacred pool. 

Once resources are available, a Citizen can build two Military Barracks near the starting position. A few minutes in the scenario, the first wave of reinforcements should land, consisting of Contarius and two more Citizens. The Contarius should be sent northwest to the fourth sacred pool. They must be careful when approaching it as there are hidden spiders that will instantly kill some of them. A Seed of Gaia can be planted while the Contarius attack the Arci guarding the pool. Meanwhile, the campaign heroes can defeat the other Arci guarding the third sacred pool to the north while planting the last Seed of Gaia. With all trees planted, players no longer need to protect all four of them and can even sacrifice three of them if it's easier, but at least one Summoning Tree must remain standing. A countdown will begin until the Titan-Goddess of nature is summoned. The campaign heroes can now grab additional Relics and return to the starting position where a Temple should be built. The enemy will begin sending additional attacks now with additional Myth Units, which players can counter by training additional Murmillo and Arci and turning some of them into heroes. Whenever the player spots another powerful Myth Unit, they can cast their second (or third depending on the game version) Traitor onto it. 

About five minutes in the scenario, Kronos will finally escape Tartarus and walk the Earth. If they have been killed, players should train additional Contarius as bait to lure the Titan away from their starting position and any remaining Summoning Trees. Kronos moves very slowly so players must make sure that he doesn't lose interest in the fast moving cavalry units. At the same time, a large army will attempt to attack the player. Longboats will deliver some Norse reinforcements to assist the player, including Fire Giants, another Citizen, six Ulfsarks and a Valkyrie which can help maintain the health of the player's units for the remainder of the scenario. Most other enemy units will lie in ambush, typically around where Summoning Trees once stood, so the starting position should remain relatively quiet until the countdown ends. Once Gaia is finally summoned, the scenario is as good as won as she is practically indestructible. While Kronos returns to the Hades Gate, players are free to let her massacre the enemy town. Once they are ready to win the scenario, they must simply have her face Kronos and deal enough damage to him. 

Additional Tips Edit

  • If resources permit it, players can train the Argus from the Temple. Their acid spit can be used to instantly kill powerful enemy myth units, such as the Chimera
  • Although the Norse reinforcements include Ulfsarks, they will only be unable to construct buildings shared with the Atlanteans, notably Docks, Temples, Markets, and Towers
  • To gather Relics faster, players can build a Counter-Barracks and train some Turma who can be converted to heroes and are the most mobile unit available. They can also substitute for the Contarius when luring Kronos but are more vulnerable due to their lower hack armor. 
  • Four groups of reinforcements will arrive to the player's aid; one Atlantean, one Norse, one Egyptian, and one Greek. 

Closing Cinematic Edit

Gaia delivers the finishing blow to Kronos sending him back into the pool of lava where giant boulders collapse onto him, sealing him away once more. The Titan-Goddess then lets her trees take root onto his tomb before returning to the Earth. Kastor notices the Servant of Kronos attempting to escape and stops him by engaging in a fist fight and ends with the Atlantean jabbing his sword in his enemy's torso. With the war of the titans over, Arkantos appears reminding everyone that Atlantis still needs a leader. Kastor is given the staff of Atlantis and all Atlanteans rejoice. Arkantos bids a proper farewell to his friends and reminds them that he will always be at their side. Kastor begins his duty by instructing his subjects to rebuild Atlantis once more. 

Trivia Edit

  • As soon as Kronos' HP is lowered to about 1000 (2%), Gaia will automatically stop attacking him.
  • This is the third and final scenario where the player receives a unique God Power.
  • This scenario's map was the basis for the Extended Edition's Old Atlantis map.

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