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War of Brothers is the third scenario of the Pachacuti campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.


The moon had risen, but sleep was far from my mind. I hung on the words of the old man, who did not seem the least bit tired. It was as if the more he talked about Pachacuti, the livelier he became.

'I told you about the great battle of Cuzco,' he continued, 'but you must know that the glorious victory did not bring peace to the Inca. On the contrary, a civil war broke out, for the success of his son filled Pachacuti's father with envy.'

'Viracocha still wished for his son Urqu to become king of the Inca, although everyone could see that Pachacuti was far more capable. After all, it was he who defended Cuzco, the holy city, while Urqu had fled into the mountains along with Viracocha.'

'Although Viracocha had grown old and died a bitter man shortly thereafter, Urqu did not intend to yield. He entrenched himself in Calas, a mountain fortress, and proclaimed himself Sapa Inca, the supreme ruler.'

'Of course, the thought of coming to terms with his treacherous brother did not once cross Pachacuti's mind. Gathering his warriors, he led them to Calas to eliminate Urqu once and for all.'

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]

Differences between difficulty levels[]

Main objectives[]

Secondary objectives[]

  • Leaderless Inca soldiers will join your army if they get to see Pachacuti.
  • Inca civilians will join your army if they get to see Pachacuti.
  • Loot Chanca buildings and tents to obtain additional resources.
  • Destroy the Chanca Siege Workshop.


  1. You are restricted to a population limit of 110 and you cannot advance to the Imperial Age.
  2. You have no Villagers at the beginning and at no time you can train your own. If Villagers join you, you can gather resources and construct buildings, but the assortment is limited.
  3. Petards can be a very effective substitute for siege weapons.
  4. It is not necessary to defeat all enemy units. To end the civil war, Urqu must be killed. Focus on this objective.
  5. Your opponents will behave rather wait-and-see. However, it is possible that enemy patrols swarm out and take the initiative.


Your scouts report:

  • Pachacuti (1, Cyan) has led a large army into the mountains. However, his troops initially have no Villagers and no siege weapons.
  • Urqu (2, Yellow) hides in the east, in the mountain fortress Calas (4, Green), which is defended by Archers and Swordsmen.
  • To stop Pachacut's army, Urqu has stationed many of his men (3, Blue) in the mountains to lure Pachacuti into an ambush. You'll have to expect attacks from Skirmishers, Slingers, Archers, Spearmen and Eagle Warriors.
  • Most of the Chanca soldiers (7, Red) have withdrawn after the defeat of Cuzco. However, a few warriors are still in the region. If you find a Chanca camp, you can plunder it.
  • Pachacuti's exploits are on everyone's lips, therefore Locals (5, Grey) will join your troops when they set eyes on their hero. In this way you can get villagers and buildings. Leaderless Inca soldiers (6, Purple) will also join you when they meet Pachacuti. In this way you can gain access to military buildings as well, such as Barracks.



  • Player (Incas): The player starts with various units and three heroes. They have no Villagers of their own and will have to find recruits to replenish their army.


  • Urqu (Incas): Urqu only has one Castle and a hero unit inside Calas. However, if the player's units are close to Calas, the Urqu unit will garrison in the Castle and they will start creating Elite Kamayuks.
  • Hostile Inca (Incas): They consist of two AI players. One of them has units scattered around the map, but their units are overall passive and will only attack should the player's units get close to them. Their army includes Plumed Archers, Pikemen, Crossbowmen, Skirmishers, Slingers, Eagle Scouts, and a few Scorpions and Mangonels. The other one, however, will constantly send an army consisting of Long Swordsmen, Slingers, and Crossbowmen to raid the player through their base right next to Calas.
  • Calas (Incas): Calas has a fortified base to the east. They serve as the bodyguard of Urqu and will train Long Swordsmen, Crossbowmen, and Mangonels to defend themselves.
  • Chanca (Incas): Chanca has three camps, with one of them to the south and the other two to the northeast. Their army are mostly Crossbowmen, Jaguar Warriors, Elite Skirmishers, Eagle Scouts, and Pikemen. They only attack when the player's army is close enough. Destroying their Houses (and similar buildings) gives the player resources, while destroying their Siege Workshop enables the construction of Siege Workshops for the player.


  • Locals (Incas): They are mostly Villagers and other civilian units, but they have a Monastery to the east, a Blacksmith to the southeast, and a Dock to the northeast. They can be found across the map, and will join the player's force if Pachacuti is brought to them.
  • Scattered Inca Army (Incas): They have three main camps. One with a Barracks and an Archery Range to the south, another one with a Barracks and an Archery Range to the north, and a final one with a Castle, a University, a Barracks, and an Archery Range to the west. They also have several units scattered around the map, which will be given to the player if Pachacuti is brought to them.


The player should start by tasking their starting Slingers to kill the first two Hostile Inca Pikemen. A larger enemy force will soon follow; the player should task their Crossbowmen against the Slingers, Eagle Scouts against the Crossbowmen and Elite Skirmishers, and Slingers against the Long Swordsmen. Once the player reaches the first fork in the road, they should take the southeastern route, where they will find additional soldiers that will join their army and eventually an area with five Villagers and some production buildings. Task these Villagers on food and gold for now. After moving northeast, the player will need to fight some more Hostile Inca before eventually capturing a Blacksmith, as well as two more Villagers, who should be sent back to gather resources with the others. Meanwhile, the player should destroy the Chanca camp just to the north of the first captured settlement, thus acquiring extra resources (the player gets 20 food, 20 wood, 15 gold for each House or similar building destroyed). Spend these on Blacksmith upgrades first.

Before continuing down the road, the player should brace themselves for a large force of invading Hostile Inca that will target the player's army and buildings. Because captured Villagers and buildings are irreplaceable, it is of vital importance that the player does not allow the Hostile Inca to reach the village at the bottom of the map or destroy their Blacksmith. Thus, the player should station their current army near the resource village to intercept the enemies and use Eagle Scouts to lure enemy soldiers away from the Blacksmith if they start attacking it. These Hostile Inca armies will continue spawning for the remainder of the game, so the player should not waste too much time making progress early on.

Once the first invading Hostile Inca army is destroyed, the player should replenish their army and then move it northeast, where they will eventually capture a Monastery and two more Villagers. Task the Villagers on the gold mine next to the Monastery. The player should train some Monks to heal their units. Meanwhile, the player should re-task the Villagers working on gold in the southern villagers to gather food or wood, depending on which resource is running low. Continue researching military upgrades and training new soldiers whenever possible. Always ensure there are at least a few Monks nearby to heal damaged soldiers and save resources on military production.

After all of the player's military units are healed, they should prepare to intercept another wave of invading Hostile Inca. The player should keep their Monks in the back so that they can heal their units without losing them. After recovering from the Hostile Inca, the player should send Pachacuti west to recruit more Scattered Inca.

Just above the center of the map, there is an enemy garrison protecting a Relic. After killing the soldiers guarding it, the player should task one of their Monks to pick up the Relic and garrison it in the Monastery. Afterwards, the player should capture the Dock along the northern riverbank and then station their army just to the north of the river. All subsequent Hostile Inca invasions will arrive from the northern pass, making it easy to anticipate their assaults. Do not venture too far north yet, however, or else the player's army will have to also fight a vast force of stationary Hostile Inca; the player should avoid confronting them until their army is large and upgraded enough. Meanwhile, there are several more Villagers and buildings that Pachacuti can capture to the west, including a Castle and a University. Assign some of the Villagers on stone, which will be very important later in the game.

Once the player has amassed a large and strong enough army, they should clear out the remainder of stationary Hostile Inca (being careful to not overlap their assault with the next wave of invaders), capture the production buildings on the northern corner of the map, and build some Guard Towers next to the bridge chokepoint, garrisoning them with Elite Skirmishers and Crossbowmen. This will allow the player to continue gathering resources for awhile without allowing the invading Hostile Inca to cause severe damage.

After erecting the towers, the player should backtrack and destroy the Chanca camp just southeast of the river. Not only will they get extra resources from razing their buildings, but they will also capture several llamas, allowing them to suspend farm production for some time.

By the time the player opens the llama pen, their army should be ready to make further progress. Immediately after resisting the next wave of Hostile Inca, destroy the Chanca camp on the other side of the bridge, being careful not to allow any infantry units to get too close to the Chanca's Jaguar Warriors. After destroying the Siege Workshop (which enables the construction of Siege Workshops for the player) and capturing the siege weapons, the player should move the siege weapons behind the bridge and ward off the next Hostile Inca army. Should the player lose all of their siege engines, they will receive reinforcements in the form of three Capped Rams, close to the initial starting location.

Once the player has plenty of resources and a maxed out population, they should task several of their Villagers to join up with their army. Before attacking the fortress of Calas, the player should build several Guard Towers just to the left of the swamp leading to Calas' walls. After the towers are built, garrison them with Crossbowmen, Skirmishers, and Villagers, and wait to fight the next wave of Hostile Inca.

After plenty of garrisoned Guard Towers are built, the player should be ready to besiege Calas. Start by attacking their walls to bait out their army, letting the Guard Towers whittle down their numbers. Once there is more room to breathe, task the two Onagers to destroy Calas' Siege Workshop so that they cannot produce more Mangonels. The player may also use the Onagers to destroy enemy Guard Towers, using Villagers to repair the units if damaged. Do not forget about the periodic Hostile Inca invasions; it is always best to go on the offensive shortly after destroying a new wave of Hostile Inca.

Gradually, the player should destroy Calas' Barracks and Archery Ranges. Building a Siege Workshop and producing additional Capped Rams will expedite the process, though the player should always keep some military units close by so that the Rams and Villagers are not lost. After razing both of Calas' Barracks and most of their Guard Towers, the player should build a few more Guard Towers inside of Calas but far enough that they are not in range of Urqu's Castle. After constructing and garrisoning them, the player should hold off one more wave of Hostile Inca and then aggro Urqu's Elite Kamayuks towards the towers. After that, send some Capped Rams to destroy the Castle, keeping some military units nearby to stop any additional Elite Kamayuks that Urqu produces. Eventually, Urqu will pop out of the Castle; slay him, and the scenario is won.


The old man sneered as he described the end of Urqu, who was slain in battle. 'For the Inca, the end of Urqu was a blessing,' he told me, 'for it left Pachacuti the undisputed ruler, and it showed that he was not only a valiant warlord but also a prudent king.'

'Having refurnished the Temple of the Sun, he turned to rebuilding the entire city of Cuzco. He also built fortresses, palaces, roads and temples throughout the country. In addition, he issued wise decrees beyond count and led his kingdom into a golden age.'

'I still believe that the people were right to hail Pachacuti as 'Son of the Sun,' for he had once again led the Incas out of the darkness.'


  • When the Definitive Edition was released, the player could not build Siege Workshops, and so they would have to rely on Petards to destroy Urqu's Castle in case they lost their two Capped Rams. Update 34699 fixed this issue by giving the player the ability to build Siege Workshops after destroying the Chanca Siege Workshop.