The War Turtle is an Egyptian naval myth unit in Age of Mythology that is available at the Dock once the Mythic Age is reached. This unit is available only to those that worship Thoth.

Special attack Edit

Buck: knocks some or all adjacent ships out of the water, causing 100 hack and 30 crush damage. Recharge time: 15 seconds.

Attack bonuses Edit

  • Heroes ×0.5

Strategy Edit

War Turtles are a powerful asset to an Egyptian navy. They have a massive amount of hit points, a large attack that deals both crush and hack damage, and are well armored. As such they can easily handle opposing fleets single-handedly. Their armor can soak up a lot of damage and when coupled with their large amount of health they can survive pitched battles. Their special attack sends ships flying, damaging them and leaving them vulnerable to damage for a few seconds. They are vulnerable to heroes but as a naval unit this isn't much of an issue. Unless the opposing side is playing as Poseidon, no naval heroes exist so the only real tactics are to overwhelm the War Turtle with sheer numbers or try to lure it into the range of ranged heroes.

Changelog Edit

Age of Mythology Edit

  • The War Turtle costs 300 food and 20 favor.

Tale of the Dragon Edit

Mythology Edit

Scientific name -- Sternotherus gigas

Size -- 30'+ long

Diet -- omnivore, prefers green algae and slow fish

The Egyptians considered the turtle a creature of night and dark water, and therefore became associated with Set and an enemy of the sun god, Ra. They were not to be eaten or used in medicine.

"May Ra live and the turtle die." -- ancient Egyptian epithet

Trivia Edit

  • The War Turtle was originally meant to be a myth unit for the Greeks but ended up being given to the Egyptians.
  • The Genus War Turtles are part of, Sternotherus, or Musk Turtles, found only in North American Wetlands and Fresh Water, the appearance of the War Turtle being part of this Genus, and it's Sea-like nature, is inaccurate. A better genus for the War Turtle would be Caretta, not only a Sea Turtle, but also found in the Mediterranean, and Red Seas.

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