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This article is about the unit in Age of Mythology. For the unit in Age of Empires: Mythologies, see War Chariot (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

The War Chariot is a Chinese cavalry unit in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. It is good against archers.

Attack bonus[]

  • Archers: ×1.25

God bonuses and upgrades[]


Nü Wa: Reduces food and gold cost by 10%.


Another unusual cavalry unit, the War Chariot is rather expensive, but also very tough. It has a 25% attack bonus agaist archers, despite the fact it has a mediocre speed to reach them.

These traits might make it seem useless for a Mythic Age unit, but it makes up for it with great HP, third only to the War Elephant's and the General's (and tied with the Mercenary Cavalry's), decent attack, large bulk and great resistances, making it an excellent meatshield, similarly to the War Elephant, its closest equivalent.


Whether to use this unit or not depends on the major god, the map featured, and the preferred playstyle. For example, Fu Xi players that desire to use it should rely on large masses of foot units, boosted by Huangdi (or Sun Wukong's), Zhong Kui's, and Ao Kuang's upgrades, with War Chariots acting as "tanks". Call to Arms and Great Journey are both excellent for boosting the War Chariots, the first providing numbers, and the second, speed.

Shennong players may not seem to have much use for this unit, as their Fire Lances are a better alternative against archers, but if they worship Xi Wangmu, they can supplement their siege-oriented armies with tough-as-nails Chariots, that in turn can be supported by Shennong's excellent Monks.

Nü Wa players might be the best at utilizing this unit, and the ones with the most uses too, primarily thanks to her cheaper human units. With Huangdi and Xi Wangmu chosen, Chariots can become a part of a well rounded army, with footmen (including cheaper Fire Lances) as its backbone.

In open maps, such as Savannah, however, it is advised to try a different approach; choose Chang'e and Chongli, with Dabo Gong's bonuses boosting the economy. This combination is tailor-made for cavalry tactics; The upgrades of Chang'e favor especially Mounted Archers, whereas Chongli's Stirrup will catapult the War Chariot's HP, improving its role as a meatshield, and Jade Rabbit will improve its lackluster speed. Cataphracts and a General should also be included for additional power.


Tale of the Dragon[]

  • Initially, War Chariots have 12 hack damage, take 18 seconds to train, and deal no bonus damage to archers. With patch 2.7, they have 13 hack damage, take 9 seconds to train, and deal +25% damage to archers.


  • The War Chariot uses a modified set of models from the Egyptian Chariot from the alpha.
  • Before patch 2.7, It was the only cavalry unit in Age of Mythology to completely lack attack bonuses.
  • According to the prototype definition, the War Chariot was planned at one stage to be a Classical Age unit, most likely taking on a role similar to the Hippikon.
  • Archaeological evidence has not supported the legend that Xi Zhong invented the chariot during the Xia dynasty. Instead, the introduction of small-scale use of chariots started about 1200 BCE, during the Shang dynasty, possibly by Indo-European-speaking nomads from the Eurasian steppe.


The War Chariot was an ancient vehicle used for attacking and pursuing enemies in battle. It is believed to have been invented by Xi Zhong, and for a long time the chariot revolutionized battles, allowing archers and soldiers with dagger axes very high mobility. Apart from offering a superior form of attack for ranged units, the chariots also served military commanders, giving them better control over large armies.

The chariot's glory came to a halt when cavalry units took over and nomadic mounted archery became more effective.


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