"What creatures are these?"
Arkantos's first encounter with a Wadjet

The Wadjet is an Egyptian Classical Age myth unit granted to followers of Ptah. It resembles a giant cobra with bat-like wings.

Special ability Edit

Regenerate at 1 HP per second.

Attack bonuses Edit

  • Myth units ×3
  • Heroes ×0.25

Strategy Edit

Wadjets attack their foes by spitting poisonous spray at them, dealing high pierce damage. They make excellent support units in the Classical Age, especially when used defensively, but are vulnerable in melee situations. They are usually outclassed by stronger myth units in later Ages, though Wadjets slowly regenerate hit points over time. As with most ranged myth units, they are very weak against heroes. Doing no hack or crush damage, they are also abysmal against buildings.

Changelog Edit

Age of Mythology Edit

  • Wadjets have 240 hit points, 20 hack armor, and 30 pierce armor.

The Titans Edit

  • With patch 1.02, Wadjets have 260 hit points, 25 hack armor, and 25 pierce armor.

Trivia Edit

  • The goddess Wadjet isn't always depicted with wings, but when she is, she has brightly colored bird-like wings instead of the bat-like wings used by the Wadjet in-game.
  • Wadjet has a spectacle pattern on her hood in the game, which is strange considering that's a trait of Indian cobras, a species of cobra that is not native to Egypt.

Mythology Edit

"Scientific name -- Naja uraea
Size -- about 12' long
Diet -- large mammals and reptiles

The Wadjet is named for the serpent goddess who appears in snake form on the crown of the pharaoh. Her name means "papyrus-colored-one". The serpent Wadjet can spit venom at a long range, though the vestigial wings are used only to lift the heavy cobra hood above the sand.

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