Volcanic Forge is an Atlantean myth technology in Age of Mythology: The Titans that is available to worshipers of Leto and can be researched at the Temple and Armory. Once researched, it reduces the pierce vulnerability of Automatons (-20%), heroes (-15%), and human units and ships (-10%).

Changelog Edit

The Titans Edit

  • Volcanic Forge costs 18 favor.
  • Volcanic Forge only affects Automatons.
  • Volcanic Forge can only be researched at the Temple.

Extended Edition Edit

  • Volcanic Forge costs 15 favor.
  • Volcanic Forge affects human soldiers, heroes, and ships in addition to Automatons.

Tale of the Dragon Edit

Mythology Edit

"After Hephaestus was hurled from Olympus by his mother Hera, he was willing to offer his services to the highest bidder - even if the bidders were the Atlantean followers of Leto, daughter of the Titans Phoebe and Coeus. The volcanic forges found in many Atlantean towns are one legacy of this partnership between Titan-worshippers and the Olympian god of smiths. The forges draw their power from the eternal flames that burn in the depths of Tartarus."
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