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Voices of Babylon in-game campaign cover in Definitive Edition

For centuries, Babylon was the envy of the world. Her Hanging Gardens and eminent ziggurats inspired legends that echoed throughout the ages. Her greatest king, Hammurabi, gave the world its first law code. Lead this majestic city from its remarkable rise to its staggering fall, and restore it once again to greatness.
—In-game campaign description

Voices of Babylon is a campaign in Age of Empires. It is based on the story of the Babylonian Empire's development during the age of the kings, ruled by Hammurabi, Nabopolasar, and Nebuchadnezzar I. It is comprised of eight scenarios.


The original scenario list of Voices of Babylon

With the launch of the Definitive Edition, the campaign now consists of the following scenarios:

  1. The Holy Man (named Holy Man in the original)
  2. The Tigris Valley (Tigris Valley in the original)
  3. Vengeance (Lost in the original)
  4. I Shall Return
  5. The Great Hunt (Reworked version of the original)
  6. The Caravan
  7. Lord of the Euphrates
  8. The Conquest of Nineveh (Nineveh in the original)


  • In the original Age of Empires, despite portraying the history of ancient Babylon, the player controls other civilizations in three of the eight scenarios throughout the campaign. This is addressed in the Definitive Edition.