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This article is about the unit in Age of Empires. For villager units in other games of the series, see Villager.

The Villager is an economic unit in Age of Empires that can be trained at the Town Center. Villagers are the backbone of every civilization, performing key tasks such as building construction and resource gathering.

As indispensable as Villagers are, their fighting skills are negligible. However, they can become slightly more useful in combat once Siegecraft is researched. With it, they can be used to attack walls and towers, as they will deal 16-17 damage to walls and 8-9 damage to towers.


Villagers can be assigned with different tasks which also changes their name to the corresponding job they are doing.

  • Builder - builds buildings
  • Farmer - gathers food from Farm
  • Fisherman - gathers food from fish schools near the shore
  • Forager - gathers food from Berry Bushes
  • Woodcutter - gathers wood from trees
  • Miner - gathers gold and stone from their corresponding mines
  • Hunter - kills and gathers food from animals
  • Repairman - repairs buildings and boats
  • Villager - attacks enemies; also the default term

When attacked, Hunters and Villagers have an increased attack strength if Zealotry is researched. But as a consequence, their gathering capacity is decreased by 50%.


Villager can build the following buildings:

Stone Age

Tool Age

Bronze Age

Iron Age


Market Icon AoE.png Market provides:

  • Woodworking.png Woodworking increases the gather rate of wood cutting.
  • Artisanship.png Artisanship further increases the gather rate of wood cutting.
  • Craftsmanship.png Craftsmanship further increases the gather rate of wood cutting.
  • Stone Mining.png Stone Mining increases the gather rate of stone mining.
  • Siegecraft.png Siegecraft further increases the gather rate of stone and also enables Villagers to attack walls and buildings which they are otherwise unable to.
  • Gold Mining.png Gold Mining increases the gather rate of gold mining.
  • Coinage.png Coinage further increases the gather rate of gold mining.
  • Wheelicon.png Wheel increases movement speed.

Government Center Icon.png Government Center provides:

TempleIconAoE.png Temple provides:

  • Zealotry (formerly named Jihad) increases strength.

Civilization bonuses[]


Entering the cheat code medusa in the chat box turns Villagers into Medusas that turn into Dark Riders when they are killed by enemy units.


Definitive Edition[]

  • Hunters work 5% faster than before (previously they were as slow as Foragers).
  • Gold and stone miners work 15% faster (to compensate bug fixes to technologies).
  • Zealotry (formerly named Jihad): Villager carry capacity penalty more consistent for different villager types; villager speed bonus to +10%.
  • Siegecraft: Villager bonus attack vs walls and towers slightly reduced.
  • Wheel researched slower (+15 sec.).
  • Assyrian and Yamato Villagers now move 10% faster (down from 18%)
  • Palmyran Villagers work 25% faster for all tasks (previously 20% faster for some tasks, 0% faster for others).
  • With update 38862, Villagers move 10% faster in the Tool Age. The Wheel technology now grants a +50% speed boost (instead of +60%) to maintain the same maximum speed.


  • Their weapon (when fighting enemy units) looks like a bone from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. When Iron Age is researched, this is replaced by a weapon that looks like a fork, whose animation speed seems faster (despite the attacking speed being the same).
    • Their animation in the Iron Age is later used for the Spearman and Pikeman.


Most people of ancient times lived out their lives working to make a living, primarily as hunters, gatherers, and fishermen originally, and later as farmers and herders. The agricultural revolution that began around 8000 BC freed more and more people from the daily pursuit of sustenance as food production became more dependable and efficient. New specialists included potters, metalworkers, builders, scribes, leather workers, woodworkers, traders, and professional soldiers. By the end of the ancient period, food production employed less than half the population within civilized culture.
—The Age of Empires manual



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