Victory in the Age of Empires series is the point at which a player ends a game by achieving at least one winning condition. Once the player wins, the game automatically ends and the sentence You are victorious! (Victory is Yours! in Age of Mythology and Age of Empires III) will appear in white text. Upon the game's conclusion, players have the option to look at in-game achievements and see how well each participant has performed.

Achieving victory Edit

To be victorious, the player must fulfill one of the conditions listed below. Some victory conditions apply in all games of the series, others differ from game to game.

Age of Empires Edit

  • Build and defend a Wonder for 2,000 years (5 minutes).
  • Military conquest
  • Acquire and hold all Ruins on the map for 2,000 years.
  • Obtain and hold all Artifacts on the map for 2,000 years.

Age of Empires II Edit

  • Build and defend a Wonder for 200 years (16 minutes and 40 seconds).
  • Military conquest
  • Capture and hold all Relics on the map for 200 years (16 minutes and 40 seconds).
  • Kill all enemy Kings (only in the Regicide game mode).
  • Take control of the Monument at the middle of the map for 550 years (45 minutes and 50 seconds; only in the King of the Hill game mode).

Age of Mythology Edit

  • Military conquest: destroy all enemy military units and buildings.
  • Hold all the Settlements on the map for two minutes. (Supremacy only).
  • Hold the Plenty vault for a certain period of time (King of the Hill only).
  • Build and defend a Wonder for 10 minutes (Supremacy only).
  • Kill all enemy Regents (Regicide only).

Age of Empires III Edit

  • Military conquest - there are several ways to achieve this:
    • Accepting an AI's surrender - the AI will attempt to surrender to the player when they have run out of units. Note that the AI may not surrender due to several bugs (such as resource crates, which they consider as units) - removing enough of them can force the AI to surrender.
    • Kill all enemy units - a defeated player is thrown out of the match when they have no units left on the map. Native scouts and Envoys are not considered to be units. If a player is removed this way, any units produced after they were removed, Outposts, and Forts will still fire on enemy units.
  • Hold half of all Trade Routes for a certain period.
  • Hold the hill for ten minutes in King of the Hill (specific to The Asian Dynasties).
  • Kill the Regent in Regicide mode (only on specific maps in The Asian Dynasties).

Trivia Edit

Age of Mythology Edit

  • If the player wins a random map game:
    •  The victory message reads as "Victory is Yours!"
    • The screen freezes and pressing F10 will give the player the option to view post game or quit (which actually directs the player back to the main menu)
      • Once the screen freezes: hovering the mouse over to the food section will display the number of food gatherers twice their actual number.
  • If the player wins a campaign scenario:
    • The victory message reads as "You are Victorious!"
    • The screen does not freeze and fades slowly to black (including the victory text)
      • As the screen fades to black, pressing F10 will still give the player the same options as if pressed in the middle of the game (the "Save" option is disabled, however)
      • After the screen fades completely to black, the player will be given the option to proceed to the next campaign scenario or proceed o the campaign menu
    • The victory message in campaigns is done via triggers. This is the reason why the victory message is re-phrased as opposed to the Random Map one.

Gallery Edit

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