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Vengeance is the third scenario of the Voices of Babylon campaign in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, replacing Lost of the original, and being replaced by the same in Return of Rome. The player must destroy the Hittites and recapture Babylon.

Scenario instructions[]


Euphrates River Bank, 1595 BCE

Disaster has struck - a Hittite army has marched down the shore of the Euphrates River and sacked Babylon! Although your party is isolated among enemies in the marsh lands, this is our only hope for exacting vengeance on the raiders. A Hittite force remains in the area, trying to gather more loot. Clear your enemies from the marsh lands and burn the Hittite encampment to the ground!
—In-game section

Starting conditions[]


  • Destroy Hittite Army (Brown).
  • Take back the ruined city of Babylon (Ruins).



  • Player (Babylonians AoE Babylonians): The player starts with a few Composite Bowmen being overrun in Babylon, but also have some Villagers and more archers at the island. The starting age is the Bronze Age.


  • Hittite Army (Hittites AoE Hittites): Have a foothold in the eastern lands, and will send troops over the river.
  • Hittite Looters (Hittites AoE Hittites): Start with a raid party in the city of Babylon and have some more units in the central land mass sacking the Babylonians buildings.


  • Babylon (Babylonians AoE Babylonians): Babylonians consists basically of the city and their buildings at the south corner, with some more scattered among the map, but have no military units nor Villagers.


Just as the mission starts, the city of Babylon (encountered in the south) is being attacked by the yellow player's forces, also attacking six Composite Bowmen that belong to the player's starting units. This raid party consists of Broad Swordsmen, Chariots, Chariot Archers and Stone Throwers, making thus short work of the Composite Bowmen and eventually, the city of Babylon.

Establishing a base[]

On the other hand, the player also has control of four Villagers and four Composite Bowmen at an island to the westernmost part of the map, right next to the banks of the Euphrates River. Immediately, have the Villagers construct a Town Center, some Houses (as the population is capped) and a Barracks as well as a Dock.

Also, have them gather the nearby resources, especially Wood; it will be needed for both structures and ships (including Fishing Boats). At first, focus on establishing a strong economy and building a navy rather than attempt to attack the yellow player with landing parties.


As soon as the player has trained a force strong enough (preferably including many sword infantry, to kill enemy Chariots), send a landing party to the central island. Move to its center; three Gaia Composite Bowmen and a Scout will come under the player's control. Beat the nearby yellow player units quickly and send the units to the southeast, in order to attack some brown player woodcutters. Also, don't forget to set up some military structures on the central island.

After roughly fifteen minutes have passed, the brown player will send landing parties towards the player's base, consisting of Axemen and Bowmen. It is recommended to simply rely on Galleys to beat them, either by destroying the transports before disembarking or by picking the raiders one by one.

Beating the Hittite Army[]

The next step to beat the scenario is to destroy the brown player's base, sited on the easternmost island, connected by shallows to the central island. Though it is well-established, it has few units to defend it, yet it is defended by some Sentry Towers and Scout Ships. Send a well-sized army to the east, ignoring Sentry Towers, and have them infiltrate the base and destroy as many critical structures as possible, starting with Houses, then destroy any Towers and have a navy beat the enemy Scout Ships. Don't forget to scout the central island too and the waters for any lone brown player units. As soon as every brown player unit and building has been destroyed, they are defeated.

And last but not least, finish the yellow player. Send forces to attack the starting raiding party (just be careful with the Stone Throwers) and reclaim the Ruins in order to win.


Historical Notes[]

Around 1595 BCE, roughly 150 years after the death of Hammurabi, a Hittite raid under Mursilis I ravaged the weakened Babylonian state. The Hittites dethroned the last Babylonian ruler and sacked Babylon, putting an end to the empire founded by Hammurabi. With Babylon out of the picture, powers such as the Hurrian and Mitanni kingdoms managed to penetrate deeper into former northern Babylonian territory, while a semi-nomadic people named the Kassites moved into the region between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. The Kassites had started to encroach in increasing numbers on former Babylonian lands from 1800 BCE onwards, and managed to conquer the local Amorite and Akkadian states by 1450 BCE. The Kassite dynasty remained on the throne for many centuries to come, unlike the Hurrian and Mitanni kingdoms that were incorporated into the kingdoms of the Hittites and Assyrians.
—In-game section


This is a sad day for the Babylonians because our city has been sacked and our future is grim. At least our soldiers can return home, knowing that they have done everything they could to prevent this disaster.
—In-game section


Not only have the Hittites sacked our city, but they have also taken all our treasures and idols. No one will ever remember the great city of Babylon, and its legacy is lost forever.
—In-game section
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