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Players on the same team share a city while all the Gold is protected by bandit Migdols.
—Map description

Valley of Kings is a random map in Age of Mythology. It is based on the real world Valley of the Kings in Egypt where tombs were constructed for kings and powerful nobles of the New Kingdom over a period of 500 years.


Valley of Kings is one of the most dangerous random maps in Age of Mythology. This is mainly due to the presence of Bandit Migdols, which are similar to Migdol Strongholds but under the control of Gaia. These make scouting and rushes difficult as the reasonably powerful Migdols will fire arrows at any player that comes within range. They cannot be easily destroyed in the early game either as they have the Boiling Oil upgrade and any army with insufficient strength will suffer great losses.

But destroying a Bandit Migdol is extremely rewarding as they usually guard three large Gold Mines. These are incredibly valuable as they are the only natural source of gold apart from the starting Gold Mines. Players are advised to advance to the Heroic Age as quickly as possible to train siege units to destroy the Bandit Migdols. Similar to Megalopolis, allies start close to each other so playing on the defensive is viable. Major gods that fare best on this map include Hades, Gaia, and Isis. Meanwhile, Thor can cast Dwarven Mines to be less reliant on guarded gold mines while Kronos can simply use Deconstruction to remove a Bandit Migdol, leaving the gold for the taking. All three Chinese major gods are also viable choices as they can build Gardens to generate gold if needed.


Egyptian symbols are frequent in this desert surrounded by cliffs. There are many statues of Pharaohs and Lions but also skeletons of the unfortunate thieves who fell victim to the Migdols. Large forests of palm trees provide shelter for various African animals, including Lions, Hyenas, Giraffes, Rhinoceroses, Hippopotami, and Gazelles. There are also Chickens near the starting Town Centers. A few ponds are found but they have no purpose other than to slow down armies. Goats are also scattered across the map which, once captured, can be brought safely to the player's base as the Bandit Midgols will not harm them.

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  • Even in a Treaty game, Bandit Migdols can attack players and vice-versa.


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