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The VMDL (or labelled as Elephant Archer in the HD edition) is a cheat unit in Age of Empires II. The name stands for "Villager Male Dave Lewis", which is named after David Lewis, an Ensemble Studios employee.[1]

They are very fast and good for exploring but cannot attack (despite the attack value shown in the infobox), gather, or build anything. However, they can lay foundation for buildings when being assigned with the 'build' command. They also can be garrisoned inside buildings, granting an attack bonus.

Unlike all the other cheat units, VMDL are not available in the Scenario Editor.

In the original unofficial Age of Empires II: The Forgotten Empires, if the VMDL is being attacked by any wild animal, or such a wild animal enters his Line of Sight, he will turn into a normal female Villager and retaliate or attack the animal. This does not happen in the official Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. In the Definitive Edition, this happens yet again - when attacked, the VMDL permanently turns into a female Villager.

No matter what civilization the player is using, the VMDL always speaks modern English, except when being assigned to build a building (which he would respond in the usual native language of the civilization). He tends to respond in odd sentences like "Bongo drums on the head." or "Now that's a good idea."

In-game dialogue language[]

  • Select 1 Wearing the... whatever these things are on my head
  • Select 2 Bongo drums on the head
  • Select 3 Yeah?
  • Move 1 Now that's a good idea
  • Move 2 I would really like to see that
  • Move 3 Well now, let's see



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