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New Project:Revolution[]

Please check Revolution, I hope I can count you in. - KazMx ( Message me! | E-Mail me! | [[Special:Contributions/KazMx|Special:Editcount/KazMx Edits!]] ) - ( ) 18:47, June 17, 2011 (UTC)

Yep, let's redesign this :P

Ajraddatz Talk Contribs 18:49, June 17, 2011 (UTC)

AoEO Gamertag[]

I have just send you the request. - KazMx ( Message me! | E-Mail me! | [[Special:Contributions/KazMx|Special:Editcount/KazMx Edits!]] ) - ( ) 06:18, June 18, 2011 (UTC)

Requesting for Sysop Tools[]

Sorry for the late reply, but it would be greatly appreciated if you would provide these sysop tools whenever you are ready to do so, preferably by tomorrow. However, do I have to request for an admin to use these tools?

Piano41095 06:39, June 20, 2011 (UTC)


I think this wiki needs a major revamp (especially the Main Page).

We need a different Featured Article and for that new nominations which we currently lack.

We also need a new HBFS. Btw, what purpose does it serve?

We need more/new Trivia under the DYK heading.

We also need to eliminate those red links and just unlink the ones to impossible pages.

We need more pictures (Google Images is a good source e.g. Morgan Black AoE III).

We need a standard format for articles and users should cease referring to themselves on pages (such as "i think this is the right spelling".

We also need more active users and a page to link all User Accounts and Admin Accounts (We currently have a page called Users but only 1 link. The trouble is, nobody knows how to add a User page to a Category).



Welcome Back![]

Nice to see you back here AJ, long time no see! How are things going? I know its been a long time, but Have you kept in touch with KazMx?   X~Calibur95   Lets go to Facebook!   05:53,9/20/2017    [[Special:EditCount/X~Calibur95|Special:EditCount/x~Calibur95]]  

Hey! Things are going pretty well. I'm almost done all the school I'll ever need to do aaah. It's awesome to see the site so active these days - there are so many people here compared to when it was just me doing stuff! I haven't talked with KazMx in years now... How are things going here? Ajraddatz (talk)
Things are going well. The wiki is certainly a little different without folks like you & KazMx around, but I still managed to be active here despite the busy college life. A lot of the work I've done here is copied from other wikis such as the League of Legends Wiki & the Avatar Wiki just to name a few. I heard that you were a VSTF at one point, & became a steward at Wikipedia. That's incredible! The best I've done for Wikipedia was creating articles such as this & this.

Speaking of my university education, I just graduated with a bachelors degree in Geology this past June & have done several projects outside my field of interest. I would like to pursue a civil or geotechnical engineering career in the near future, but not certain how that will play out. I should be looking for a new job, but I'm sort of slacking around right now. What career path did you take?
  X~Calibur95   Lets go to Facebook!   00:57,9/21/2017    [[Special:EditCount/X~Calibur95|Special:EditCount/x~Calibur95]]  
Congrats on your graduation! I'm defending my thesis next Friday, after which I'll be done my MA in Political Science. I know what you mean about slacking around... I know I want to do something government and public policy related after I'm done, but I'm not sure if I should go into law instead. So instead I'm sitting around, going to spend some time visiting the family, and use my part-time employment income to cover my expenses :D
I was on the VSTF here for three years (and actually am a former 'crat on the LoL wiki too!). Now I've given up most of my hats, and my wiki participation is slowly waning. But the steward stuff is still pretty fun. Once I'm done writing big papers (aka am finally out of school), I want to start writing more Canadian politics-related Wikipedia articles. I've never been big on content creation, but I want to get into it over on Wikipedia.
Have you heard about the new "definitive versions" for the games?? It's the only new AoE content that I'm not happy with. I have my AoE2 version modded out so it looks amazing, and now they're gonna try to get me to pay for it??? No thanks. Ajraddatz (talk) 07:08, September 21, 2017 (UTC)