Age of Empires Series Wiki

Hello everyone! Hope you guys had a good holiday & a happy new year!

As 2014 kicks off, I decided to make some major updates to this wiki, most notably the templates we have on almost every article. I noticed a couple things that are a common recurrent theme here in this wiki which is not a bad thing but can be improved. One of them is the color scheme of each of the templates we have here. Almost every template have colors featuring white and a few shades of grey which is good in one way. Although grey is also in some areas of the main page, I feel that there are too much grey in some of the templates. It might be nice if some of these templates have a particular color theme that corresponds to the different games we have. I chose dark red/maroon since it captures the main theme of the home page. Other colors we could add in is gold which is not found in the home page, but could represent the gold edition of Age of Empires.  

Many of these templates can only be changed by registered users or even admins of this wiki so this is your chance to chime in and provide any feedback about this change. If you have other proposals, feel free to post it here. I'm not an expert on designing templates by any means, so if you have other suggestions don't hesitate to start a new thread!

  • Edit: I noticed a lot of templates & especially navboxes that have titles which start with the game series. When creating a new template that involves a topic of a particular game series, please place the topic FIRST & the game series LAST at the end of the title. This would not only make it more organized, but it would also make finding the right template MUCH easier.