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Hi all, after having a discussion here, I have started to realize the potential of having Fanon to be included into this site. A lot of the previous complaints of including Fanon is the possibility of mixing up official & user generated content. This is why I previously favor having fanmade material to be published within the user space such as on blogs like this one which proved to be rather clunky. No one would dare to even see it, let alone read the entire page! Why was this decision made? Well, several years ago when I was in college, I was pretty inactive, so I couldn't think of a proper solution for this dilemma until recently. Despite most folks around here, I have expressed concerns that the wiki would also prosper if users are able to publish their own material, as long as it is within the realm of the Age of Empires Series & the wiki.

  • A lot of the problems associated with fanmade material can be fixed with a simple solution: establish an article title structure in the form of Fanon:Scenario/Name of user created scenario (Age of Empires #) for articles that focus on user generated scenarios.
  • A similar thing can be done for mods where all user created articles would be titled under Fanon:Mod/Name of user created mod (Age of Empires #).

What this structure does, is that it essentially establishes the distinction between fanmade material & official content released by corporations & other foreign entities. Moreover, this structure brings 2 wikis into one single, unified wiki where a separate Portal or Main Page can be created to support this infrastructure of new information. In fact, many wikis in Wikia already have used a similar format, for example the Spore Wiki and Avatar Wiki which are both well known for fanmade material.