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X~Calibur95 X~Calibur95 9 June 2017

Sockpuppet Investigations

  • 1 Sockpuppet Investigations for Age of Empires Wiki: Does IamaVandalizer have a history of long term abuse?
  • 2 Sockpuppet Investigations for Candy Crush Wiki: What Happened to Johnny.Crush?
  • 3 Preliminary Sockpuppet Investigations for Candy Crush Wiki
    • 3.1 Group 1: Impersonating Roseturnip
    • 3.2 Group 2: Impersonating --MULLIGANACEOUS--
    • 3.3 Group 3: Impersonating 3primetime3
    • 3.4 Group 4: Impersonating DoCheonGong
    • 3.5 Group 5: Impersonating HM100
    • 3.6 Group 6: Random Insults

This investigation will be different from that of Balochistan. It would be nice to know if there is a different individual other than Balochistan or Raees2017 that may have orchestrated destructive behavior. This investigation will probably not change the situation regardless of its failure or…

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X~Calibur95 X~Calibur95 4 November 2017

Should Fanon be Allowed? Voice your Opinion at the Main Page!

Hi all, after having a discussion here, I have started to realize the potential of having Fanon to be included into this site. A lot of the previous complaints of including Fanon is the possibility of mixing up official & user generated content. This is why I previously favor having fanmade material to be published within the user space such as on blogs like this one which proved to be rather clunky. No one would dare to even see it, let alone read the entire page! Why was this decision made? Well, several years ago when I was in college, I was pretty inactive, so I couldn't think of a proper solution for this dilemma until recently. Despite most folks around here, I have expressed concerns that the wiki would also prosper if users are ab…

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X~Calibur95 X~Calibur95 9 September 2017

Balochistan's Block Duration

Unfortunately, this one of those news blogs with bad news & here it is:

  • According to the CheckUser, Balochistan, & GajaMada are indeed related. Consequently, I have blocked the latter 2 accounts according to this page.
  • Unlike most wikis, I decided not to block Balochistan permanently immediately despite the investigation due to his contributions mostly assuming good faith. Although I think that Balochistan should be blocked, I'm currently undecided how long the block should be. As a result, I decided to let you guys decide on the duration of this block. This is done by simply signing your signature.
  • The reason for my decision is that most of us had known Balochistan for the past few months & has contributed to the wiki for some …
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X~Calibur95 X~Calibur95 6 March 2017

Promotions Updated (Please Read)

Hello again!

As this wiki continues to expand, I started to realize the limitations of just using my blog as a place to promote certain people. For example, I can imagine there will be a time in the near future where I will have to leave this wiki indefinitely, and I can see how future admins and head admins around here will be irritated about having to keep editing a blog of a user that is no longer active.

If you look at this page from the time this blog is published, you will notice 4 different sites where to promote people: a head admin’s talk page, my blog, the forum, Administrators/Requests and the site where larger wikis use to promote people, but doesn’t exist here. I find this situation compelling, and must resolve this immediately to …

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X~Calibur95 X~Calibur95 6 February 2017

Main Page Revamp

Hello again everyone!

The Age of Empires Series Wiki is proud to present new polls and several major redesign quirks within the past month as our community continues to expand. Before I continue, I would like to thank everyone who participated in our recent AoE2 tech tree revamp, especially Blapp who initiated this project. Anyway, this post focuses on revamping our main page. For those of you who have been around here consistently for quite a while, I’m sure you have noticed by now that our Featured Article, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and Did You Know...? sections are outdated and needs new content.

Therefore, I wanted to address the possibility of replacing the Featured Article and the Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger sections with …

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