So I'm writing this blog post to outline my ideas for improving this wiki (well mainly the AoE3 section). I hope it will make the wiki much more informative!

Categorization of units

I kinda tried to make a categorization for them back in 2014 but what I proposed was quite messy. In my opinion, I think it is important to categorize units into these main types: Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Light Cavalry, Melee Cavalry, Artillery and so on. Some units have ambiguity in terms of classification. For example, is grenadier an artillery unit or a heavy infantry? Is urumi a light infantry or a heavy infantry? What category does coyote runner belong to? I suggest those units to be classified depending on which multiplier they would get by damage, i.e. if an abus gun inflict 15 damage to a grenadier unit, then grenadiers are artillery units, whereas if 30 damage is inflicted, then grenadiers are heavy infantry units.

This classification is important for players to determine the correct type of units to use against units with ambiguity.

Whether the categorization should be done in categories, or in a page only, or standardizing the infoboxes, like heavy infantry, is totally up to the community.

Show/hide feature fix

Some tables like shipment tables have two show/hide buttons. Some don't. This is because our wiki is still using the old class for the tables. Since MediaWiki has been upgraded, collapsing function is now enabled by default under a specific class without the need of adding something to the wiki's javascript. I suggest to change all existing collapsible tables into the new collapsing function. I've done an example on Halberdier_(Age_of_Empires_III) page to solve the double show/hide function problem. See here: Help:Collapsing for more information.

Shipments or Home City Cards

This will be a fun part of the improvement! For me, the home city cards page of every civilization looks too wordy. We need pictures! My idea is to have 5 tabs (number depends on how many categories the civilization has) in every home city card page of the civilization having a complete deck picture of a category, and then description of cards at the bottom. A sample tab can be found on a wiki I manage here to give you an idea what my idea would be like. Don't worry if you don't know what I mean as I will try to refurbish the Spanish home city cards first. A sample can be found here: User:Wildoneshelper/Sandbox/2

If the idea is welcomed, it is very possible to extend this function to buildings as well, showing what civilization would have which cards in the building in tabs.

Possible navbox up top?

Originated from CityVille wiki, this feature I think is entirely up to the community whether or not they want this feature or not. Basically, I propose having a navigation box up on top with pictures only of the type of unit they feature, possibly in tabs (e.g. if the unit is Spanish and heavy infantry, we may have two tabs). Therefore, if the unit is a heavy infantry unit, the top navigation box will show only pictures of heavy infantry. This could be very convenient to find similar units.

For now, I will be organizing my almanac and I hope to write a blog post of many interesting features you will find in this wonderful almanac or the ultimate guide to AoE3!