• Devang.nivatkar21

    AoFE 3.1 (Custom) [AoFE 3.1 originally by Two-HandedSword (]----

    New Additions----

    Updated Graphics (Custom civilization sets, AoF HD units)

    All civs - Hunting Dogs added. (Cost 40 Food 25 Wood)

    All civs - Palisade Walls get x2 HP in Castle Age (500), Palisade Gates +250 HP (650) (@ Lumbercamp, costs 200 Wood 150 Food, requires Town Watch)

    All civs - Can create Siege Towers after Capped Rams is researched @ Siege Workshops [Cost 200 Wood 125 Gold, HP 200, Attack 7, Range 7, Garrison 8, -5 melee armour, takes bonus as Siege + Ram]

    Far Eastern civs (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Mongols) - Can research 'Eastern Pikeman' for…

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  • Devang.nivatkar21

    I was wondering, what's the consensus if all the Infantry Unique Units had stats derivative of the Teutonic Knight? The most obvious concern is that the Teutonic Knight is balanced because of its slow speed. I'd like to know what others think of it. I've made a data file that implements the changes I'm talking about, if anyone is interested in playtesting. The base data file is AoFE 2.2, modified to be upto date with AoF 3.8 (I used this topic as the reference). A Changelog is included with the file. One mistake in the changelog says M@A to 2Hand swords get -1 bonus vs. buildings, it's just applicable to M@A. Also Huskarls have +1 bonus vs. buildings.

    To install, first backup your original empi…

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